What a confusing week for a 15 year old !

2/10/09 in MLB   |   Keeter   |   92 respect

I've talked about my kids before here on 'The Q'.     My son is 15 years old.     He's played about every sport there is.      Many of his friends have too.    A bunch of them were over here playing some hoops (it was a near record high in Chicago today !), and I overheard a couple of them talking about A-Rod, what he had done and their opinions.     Funny, some were defending him; others were chastising him.     I venture to say that is a microcosm of how the US, and sports fans in general, will likely feel.

I then started thinking again about the Super Bowl; actually, I have it TiVo'd and saw it again on my playlist.     What a game - in my opinion, probably 'Top 3 Super Bowls of all time'.     I started to think again about the game's MVP, Santonio Holmes.     He did have an outstanding game.     And he made sure to draw some additional attention his way by announcing that, as a kid, he sold drugs.    I can't recall for sure if he said this, but certainly someone involved in selling drugs may very well have taken them too.

So, here are 2 major sports stars, who have won many, many accolades, and whom kids all over look up to (whether they should or not is a different story !).       Yet, each has admitted doing something illegal.      And yet, they've still been able to continue, whether it was the "loosey-goosey culture", or just "the street made me do it".

And, not to quote any politician, but what is the message being sent to the kids today ?

As I see it, as did many of the kids shooting hoops, is that it appears to be OK to do these illegal activities.     "Heck, if A-Rod & Santonio did, and just look at them now, then it must be OK", is basically what I heard today.      Now, I'm not naive enough to say that players in the past didn't do whatever they could, at least from a vitamin perspective, but that was not illegal as it is with steroids.     And pushing drugs is a whole different story.     Maybe, instead of glamorizing what he did, we should do some investigative reporting and track down the kids that he sold to, and let's see what became of their lives.      Let's see if he truly has remorse, and perhaps would give up some of his precious salary to help any of those now-adults who may be in rehab or other troubles.

So, what do 15 year olds think of all this ?      Well, based on what has happened so far to these athletes (which is, well, not much), they think it's OK.      Do you ??!!
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