What a week at Dega!

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I have finally mustered the strength to write this. No, not because of a weeks worth of partying at the best track with the best fans on the circuit wore me out. Because when we got home we found one of our dogs, our beloved Copper, had drowned in our pool while we were gone. I have been pretty tore up the last few days and to top it off, yesterday he would have been 3.

Back to Dega…....

We arrived 11 am Tuesday morning to the sights of hundreds of people already camping. Some had been there since Saturday, waiting for the gates to open. We threw camp in South Park, yeppers, South Park. Towlie was there,   and so were a few Stans’ and Cartmans’.

The first few days at our campsite were pretty relaxing.  Just a few friends, my son, husband, and myself. Throwing horseshoes, playing redneck golf, relaxing fun.

Friday night there was a free concert by a Christian band (the name escapes me at the time). These guys jammed! You name it, they’d play it! My son and I were on the front row having a blast when the band started giving away die-cast cars and the like. My son was handed a Matt Kensenth, R+L Gators car. Made his night!  So, he thought.

After the concert, we strolled back to camp where some buds had karaoke going. We were hanging out there and a young lady and gentleman from Dodge Boys Racin’ spotted my son. They stopped and spoke to Dustin. My son had a 9 shaved in the back of his head (still there biggrin.png), was wearing his new Kahne jacket, and shirt. A true die hard KK fan!! They gave him a pass to meet Kasey on Saturday!!! How freakin cool is that?!!

Unfortunately, we didn’t make it to meet KK. Alarm clocks don’t exist at Talladega. It was okay though.

After a great day of CTS racin’, we once again hit the concert later that night. This time one of the band members brought my son on the stage and strapped the guitar on him. He got to jam to Joe Walsh, Rocky Mountain Way!!! The crowd went nuts!! At the end of the set, lil man was brought onto the stage yet AGAIN to help wrap it up. His little fists were pumping in the air as he sat on his daddy's shoulders. It was an awesome moment, one I shall never forget!

Sundays race proved to be an exciting one, as usual for Dega. None of our drivers won. All in all though, it was still a great race!

To Dodge Boys Racin’ thank you so much for the time spent with my son. Next time, pass out alarm clocks with those meet and greet  passes wink.png!!

To the band, thank you. You gave my son, husband and I memories that will last a lifetime heart.png YOU GUYS ROCK!!!!!

To Talladega Superspeedway, thank you for hosting one of the best racing weekends ever!

See you again in the Spring.

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10/12/08   |   ntimid8

Raven73 wrote:
Thanks for the awesome recap of your Talladega experience...I didn't see you on trackside with your "HI RHEDA" sign though...I must have stepped away from the TV for a moment.

Again, it's that "alarm clock" issue

10/12/08   |   Raven73   |   103 respect

I'll have my signs ready for TEXAS though...I'll be at the SPEED stage with my FanIQ shirt on waving to you!

10/12/08   |   Raven73   |   103 respect

or better yet...
~ a sign that had a big arrow pointing down that said ~

10/12/08   |   Raven73   |   103 respect

Thanks for the awesome recap of your Talladega experience...I didn't see you on trackside with your "HI RHEDA" sign though...I must have stepped away from the TV for a moment.

10/9/08   |   CMB   |   2346 respect

Great story!  Everybody involved with NASCAR always does such a great job with the fans week after week.  I've never camped at the track for a race, but I've been in the infield a  lot of times and it looks like a lot of fun.