What is wrong with the Mets?

8/12/08 in MLB   |   imsports2002   |   168 respect

    In 2006 the New York Mets were hands down the best team in the National League.  They had everything going for them.  Every game they'd jump out to huge leads, they're starting pitching would keep the lead, then the bullpen would nail down the victory.  This seems like ages ago even though it was only two years.  The starting pitching is actually better in 2008 with the addition of Johan Santana and coming of age of Oliver Perez, John Maine, and Mike Pelfrey.  However their bullpen from top to bottom has been the worst throughout the MLB.  I've never seen a team lose as many games in the fashion that the Mets do so often.  Its the same story every time.  The offense puts some runs on the board, the starting pitcher throws one-hundred pitches which is usually six or seven innings and is quickly yanked and then the bullpen comes in and proceeds to give it all back, not only costing the starting pitcher of a win that they deserve but they cost the whole team a win. 
    First I'd like to say i can't stand when the Mets take out Johan Santana after eight scoreless innings in favor of the bullpen.  He's the ace of the staff in the prime of his career and considered by many to be the best pitcher in baseball.  Why take him out when he's throwing a gem in favor of a relief pitcher who has been struggling for most of the year (and that includes Billy Wagner).  When Jerry Manuel took Johan out in his previous start against San Diego in the seventh inning after giving up a bloop hit and a ground ball through the hole on the left side, I was sick to my stomach.  It's like Jerry Manuel has no faith in Johan Santana, the best pitcher in baseball to get out of first and second no out jam and instead has more faith in Duanar Sachez to do that.  The two hits off of Santana were not by any means hit hard.  They just happened to find a hole.  Johan had a much better chance of getting out of that inning unscaved than any reliever in the bullpen.  This was the sixth time the bullpen has blown has cost Johan a win.  That is just plain terrible.  Talking about this makes me think about the disaster against the Phillies.  It was a critical game for the Mets and Johan rose to the challenge pitching eight brilliant innings.  But instead of finishing the game Billy Wagner came in and blew the game.  Yes they did rattle off ten in a row after that but there is just no excuse for that.
    What I wonder is how come the Mets did absolutely nothing at the trading deadline?  They couldn't pull a deal for a decent relief pitcher who could help the bullpen? In my opinion I think Omar Minaya really dropped the ball this year and should be held accountable for the team he has put on the field.  I think it is all on him. He and the Wilpons decided that it was Willie Randolph's fault so they canned him.  Well Jerry Manuel is the manager and besides that ten game win streak they're the same team from the beginning of the year.  Maybe it really wasn't the manager. If the Mets don't make the playoffs I feel that Omar Minaya should be fired.  It is only right since Randolph was already fired and the team is pretty much playing the same as they did earlier in the season which caused Willy to get fired.  With that said the Mets are still only 2.5 games out of first place and very much in the race for the division title.  I don't think the Phillies are good enough to pull away from the Mets as the Mets aren't good enough to pull away from the Phils.  It will most likely come down to the final week maybe even the final day but even if the Mets make the playoffs, big changes need to be made in the Mets bullpen and I think the first is signing K-Rod in the offseason.
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