What makes baseball a great sport to watch?

7/17/08 in MLB   |   kisschris   |   28 respect

This question was on my mind watching the Allstar game last night. Normaly a game takes a long time but that game took forever! Even the fans were leaving the stadium.

I've seen many games lately since it's the only thing on NASN this period of year.

I really tried to understand what people find exciting about this game. Sure,a tied game,  at the bottom of the 9th, with 2 men out and player at 3th base I can feel the excitment about winning or loosing. But I think it's just not a spectacular game to watch. Okay, a nice basehit or homerun is nice to watch, but if you've seen one you've seen all. 


It's probably the same as Americans (the majority) don't like soccer, and growing up with surtain sports. But I do understand why people watch american football, basketball or icehockey. And normaly I can understand why people watch surtain sports, even if I don't like those sports. But with baseball it's different. I think I know well enough how the game is played but I miss action I guess. I'm probably the only one who thinks like that, but please explain to me what makes this the biggest(?) sport in the US. I don't mean this disrespectfull to the sport or the fans, I'm just really curious.....

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7/17/08   |   Debi_L   |   11862 respect

I'm not sure MLB is America's TOP sport Chris!! There's a bunch of them, all up there fighting for the crown.  There's NASCAR (my fav - but you know that) then NHL (another fav) and NFL in addition to baseball.  I guess all sports can be boring at times, but I get where you're coming from.  That's why we have an abundance of sports channels over here (yes, even in Canada) so we can change the channel to a more exciting game, should the mood strike!