What should the Knicks do with Melo if they keep this horrible record up?

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Dec 1, 2013; New York, NY, USA;  New York Knicks small forward Carmelo Anthony (7) during the second quarter against the New Orleans Pelicans at Madison Square Garden. New Orleans Pelicans won 103-99.  Mandatory Credit: Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY SportsThe New York Knicks have gone back to their form they had from earlier in the millennium and dont look to be improving any time soon.  The only real bright spot in this team is scoring machine Carmelo Anthony.  There hasn't been a real positive mood in the Knicks locker room the past few months or so and many people have begun to question what Melo and the Knicks should do with each other.  

The Knicks are currently tied with the Milwaukee Bucks for the worst record in the NBA so far this season at a horrendous 3-13 record.  Melo has already expressed his desire to become after this season because he has the choice to opt out of his contract.  At the rate the Knicks are going you would think that he wouldn't return after this year.  Allowing Melo to leave for free agency would be the worst thing the Knicks could do.  

Their only options are:
1. Try and trade for another piece to help Melo
2. Hope that the team improves and convinces him to stay 
3. Or if all else fails they might just trade him and look to rebuild.  

I don't see another piece coming to the Knicks to help melo out in the long term.  Seriously who do they have to trade that actually has any value to bring a big piece back? Amare Stoudemire is owed too much money and has been useless ever since melo has arrived.  Trading Tyson chandler would just put another big hole in their lineup and that wouldn't help him stay.  The only decently attractive player would be Iman Shumpert and even then he wouldn't bring back a big package.  

So we look at option number two, I don't see any reason to believe that the Knicks can improve at all this season that would convince Anthony to stay.  The team lacks a desire to play hard on both ends of the floor and rely too much on the three.  They live and die by it and thats NOT what a successful NBA team does.  Mike Woodson doesn't even look comfortable and not to mention that the Knicks might just have the worst owner in sports.  Seriously the team James Dolan doesn't even care about has been more successful than them (New York Rangers).  All of this added up and even all that money that Melo can get wouldn't convince him to stay.  
Nov 29, 2013; Denver, CO, USA; New York Knicks forward Carmelo Anthony (7) reacts during the second half against the Denver Nuggets at Pepsi Center. The Nuggets won 97-95.  Mandatory Credit: Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY SportsOption number three would be the most logical to me if the Knicks keep this losing effort going into the Trade Deadline.  I think the Knicks should trade Melo because that would be the safest option.  Everybody in this world is talking about how deep this draft is and the Knicks could use a young superstar to take NYC on.  The lack of draft picks is startling because this team is aging and they don't have many good young players that they can look forward to in the future.  If the Knicks could trade Melo along with another play or two and bring back a nice solid young guard or big man plus a lottery pick it would work out the best in the long run.

A lot of whispers have been heard saying that the Lakers would be a likely destination for the all-star if he decides to opt out and not get traded.  I think he's going to LA if he's not traded.  The Lakers have such a rich history and Melo would fit in nicely in LA but there are no guarantees that it would work out with Kobe Bryant.  Both players strive on scoring and put their teams on their backs in order to win.  I think it would be a disaster unless Kobe accepts a lesser role which I can't even imagine considering how competitive he is.  

What do you think Melo or the Knicks should do? 
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