What to expect now that Cano has signed with Roc Nation Sports

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Blog Photo - What to expect now that Cano has signed with Roc Nation Sports

Robinson Cano has fired a powerhouse of an agent in Scott Boras, opting to sign instead with Roc Nation Sports, making him their very first client. As the centerpiece of Roc Nation Sports, an agency founded by Jay-Z, here's what we can expect from Robinson Cano moving forward:

The Trademark Image: Robinson Cano must begin cultivating a trademark image. Jay-Z, for example, has solidified his signature Yankee hat look, so the Yankee hat is off the table for Cano. This may seem unfair, seeing as Cano is on the New York Yankees, but as Jay-Z says, he "makes the Yankee hat more famous than a Yankee can." Might I suggest something 'in' right now, like a scarf or ironic socks? With the help of his new agency, Robbie will surely figure this one out. It's imperative.

The Mandatory Nickname: Jay-Z, Hova, Hova, Jay-Z. What better way to develop your ego than command two names at once? Possible nicknames: El Gran Dominicano, El Izquierda, and Swingy. Hey, stop looking to me for ideas, this is why he hired Roc Nation.

Manufactured Beef: Jay-Z's career took off around the same time he had 'beef with rapper Nas. Cano can ascend to a level beyond all-star if he simply emulates Jay-Z's career move, manufacturing beef with a local rival. Potential 'beefers' include Dustin "Laser Show" Pedroia, Jose "Designated List" Reyes, the up-and-coming Manny Machado or even in-house candidate, Eduardo Nuñez. His stock will rise as sparks fly. 

Power Love: The Dynasty is not complete without a queen. Jay-Z and Beyonce are an immovable, undeniable force, and with Robinson Cano entering his prime, he ought to start looking for his superwoman. Might I suggest a tennis player, an Olympic sprinter, or even a-- dare I say-- race car driver?? The world is yours, Robinson.

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