What win over the Eagles could do for the Giants

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Blog Photo - What win over the Eagles could do for the GiantsAt 1-6, the New York Giants certainly have nothing to smile about.

With that said, their 23-7 win over the Minnesota Vikings was a start when it comes to trying to not on,y salvage this season, but get themselves back into the hunt in the ever weak NFC East. A win over the Philadelphia Eagles this afternoon, however, could mean much more to big blue.

There is no doubt that the NFC East is still up for grabs. The Dallas Cowboys are the only team in the division with a winning record and with a decent chance that both the Cowboys (playing the Detroit Lions today) and Washington Redskins (playing the Denver Broncos today) could lose today, that gives the Giants a chance to make some noise with a win over the Eagles.

To this date, the Giants have only played one game within the division and that was a 36-31 loss to the Cowboys back in week one. It was a game that the Giants should have won and had they been able to do that, their season might look much different right now.

Secondly, a win over the Eagles would give the Giants two straight wins. Through their first six games, the Giants had no wins and looked like a team that was grasping at straws when trying to win a football game.

If the Giants win today, that would be considered a winning streak. There is nothing more that gives a team confidence than putting consecutive wins together as it gives them hope for better days, a chance to turn things around and an opportunity to accomplish something big if a few things in the division go their way. 

A win over the Eagles would give the Giants a taste of winning a game that is important. At 1-6, it is hard to imagine that a team has something to play for but because the Giants are in the NFC "Least", a win puts them right back in the thick of things and proves that they can win when they need to. 

Should the Giants win this afternoon, not only do they go into the bye week with a winning streak, but they go into it knowing that their next opponent is the Oakland Raiders. The Raiders are a team that the Giants should be able to beat.

If the Giants beat the Eagles today and then the Raiders in week 10, they are looking at a 3-6 record. That record may not look so hot but in their division, it is certainly not bad.

Obviously, the Giants are still in a bad position with the record that they have. With that said, a win could change things for the better and give the team not only a positive outlook on the rest of the season, but an opportunity to do something great in their division.
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