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4/4/08 in WWE   |   nebo   |   respect

Recently I ran across a word"acronmegaly". It can affect in two different ways. How does it apply on this sports site? There are at least two  professional wrestlers who have been affected. It comes from a tumor in the pituitary gland. If it comes early in life you have gigantism such as Andre the Giant.  The person grows at a very fast rate. Unless something can be done to slow down the process the person has a short lifespan.

If the condition happens after normal growth span those affected have abnormally large lips, noses, hands, ears,etc.  such as the Swedish Angel. He also was in several movies such as "Mighty Joe Young".  We never know what these people have to go through.  There are many more who suffer from this condition. 

Wrestlers are athletes.  Their matches may be planned or scripted but most are very well conditioned and talented.  I would hate to do some of those moves even in my  youth.  These  that I have mentioned have taken debilitation and made it work for them.
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