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What's Going on Tonight? Yeah Weekend!

8/18/06 in Locker Room   |   CriticalFanatic   |   respect

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What's Going on Tonight? The 8/18/06 TV Edition
CBS - 8pm ET - NFL Preseason
ABC - 9pm ET - Kyle XY
FOX - 8pm ET - Spider-Man
TBS - 7:30pm ET - Braves @ Marlins
UPN - 8pm ET - WWE SmackDown!
ESPN - 8pm ET - Little League Baseball
ESPN2 - 8pm ET - ATP Tennis
Local Sports Channel - Baseball Game
News Channels (CNN, MSNBC,CNBC, Local News)
Local Programming
MTV - any shows
ABC - 10pm ET - 20/20
NBC - 8pm ET - Dateline NBC
USA - 9pm ET - Monk
USA - 10pm ET - Psych
TVLAND - 10pm ET - Grease
ESPN - alot of times ET - SC,Baseball Tonight
Watching many games at the bar
Nothing.......What will you do with your Friday night?
In our attempt to gage the daily interest of sports fans, we want to know what you'll be watching tonight.

TGIF. While some Dateline and 20/20 back to back sounds invigorating ... chances are I'll be watching the Bears game at a bar tonight. What's going on in your world?

Bears vs Chargers? Bears 74, Chargers -7
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8/18/06   |   Ryan   |   153 respect

Man, I'm such a loser.  Had to hit a high school football game and now I'm in the process of cleaning off all the mind-numbing junk that's on the DVR.  (Guess that would be too long to  put into an answer.)  What a way to spend my last free Friday night before Thanksgiving.