What's Wrong With Matt Kemp?

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Last season Matt Kemp became the star Los Angeles needed on their baseball team. LA always needs a superstar talent on their roster and Matt was their man. He told everyone he'd hit 50 home runs and steal 50 bases last season.  Although he fell short, there was not a person in Los Angeles that didn't believe he could do it. 

Blog Photo - What's Wrong With Matt Kemp?A guy like that just can't come out of the gates the way he has in a season where all eyes are on the Dodgers as they lead the MLB in payroll at $189+ million.  He is batting a silly .250 with only 2 homeruns. His bat in the middle of the Dodger lineup is as useless as as sending a penguin up there with a bat. 

Last night, the Dodgers were playing host to the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. The freeway series. Big time game. This is where the stars shine brightest. 

The Dodgers were in a massive hole early in the game, down 6-1 entering the bottom of the 4th inning. When you can usually lean on your star to carry you to the promised land, others now have to step up from the shadows. I guess it's a good thing the Dodgers have other overpaid players on their roster to pick up the slack. 

Matt Kemp went a blistering 0-5 last night, whiffing four times (four times? FOUR TIMES!). He definitely didn't choose last night's big moment, holding a one-run lead in the 8th inning too seriously as he swung at pitches high, outside and just plain out of the zone. It appears he will send his choppy swing through the zone at anything he deems close enough to see....although his eyes appeared to be closed last time he made his way to the plate. 

So what is truly the deal?! What is wrong with Matt Kemp? We've all seen him dominate games. Offensively specifically, but defensively as well. Where has he gone? Are the expectations too great for him? Is Los Angeles quickly caving in on his stresses? Why can't he find his swing? Why can't he find his self out there? 

For the Dodgers sake, he best find his former self quickly. 
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5/29/13   |   moniquegran

The Dodgers used to have a penguin with a bat in the middle of the order...Ron Cey...a gamer who also played a pretty good 3rd base...I miss his grit...