What’s new at Chelsea?

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Shocking news have been revealed through reports that are stating that Chelsea Fc’s owner, Roman Abramovic is aiming to bid farewell to one of the star players at Chelsea namely Frank Lampard who is an attacking midfield for Chelsea Fc and is the vice-captain for the club and Ashley Cole, left back and of the best players to date. Reports have stated that these two players are currently the trouble makers at Chelsea and need to be sold off.
In case these reports appear to be true, then Chelsea will be facing a departure of its very old players this summer, which is likely to be damaging for the club since these players have helped Chelsea through major matches and have almost form a legacy at the English club. However, Chelsea is stuck in major problems even if keeps these players since they aren’t on really good terms with the manager right now. Either way the loss will be Chelsea’s. It’s just the nature of loss that is leading to such a turning point for Chelsea right now.
Ashley Cole will be the first one to leave the football club, after having been accused of openly criticizing the manager and his tactics. Villas-Boas, the Portuguese manager and the current manager at Chelsea, has failed to gain control of the dressing room and has admitted the fact that few players of the team don’t accept his methods.
Players especially Cole and Lampard have been heard developing animosities within the team. Although it’s quoted as rumors according to reports so will have to wait for more on the subject. Also, these two players are known to have been heading and governing the team too and hence a divide could be expected between the team and the individual players as groupings might occur and off pitch animosities might harm the on pitch performance of the team.
Lampard has his issues with the new manager since he has been the crowd’s favorite as well as a valuable asset to Chelsea Fc and under the new manager, Lamapard is angry over the fact that he no longer is the part of first team startups and this is against his reputation and his old routine on the pitch. He has displayed his anger on a public forum too and has invited media’s attention as a consequence.
Lampard has even stated his willingness to play at Chelsea Fc in the future but the manager is not coming to terms with him and this might result in Lampard moving out of the club this summer. Come on Villas! You know you don’t want to lose a gem like Lampard.
Lampard too, as a result, has asked the manager to account for his actions and decisions for the star players this season.
Although the owner Roman has bought Villas from Porto in a world record fee, the owner has been annoyed with the team’s moves to bring the new manager down. Something needs to be fixed at Chelsea real soon otherwise these superb players are gone. 
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2/24/12   |   just_marcel

Too bad that Chelsea did not won at Napoli (final score 3-1 for Napoli). Anyway the Chelsea odds shows us an underdog team before the sarting match time. In the 2012-2013 Chelsea could hope to be coached by Mourinho. Maybe in that season they can hope to be #1 in the English Premier League and the players .