When Dancers become Divers – Stoke boss Tony Pulis criticizes Liverpool star Luis Suarez

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Blog Photo - When Dancers become Divers – Stoke boss Tony Pulis criticizes Liverpool star Luis Suarez
Sunday at Anfield wasn’t a celebratory memory for Luis Suarez. Instead, Luis Suarez got branded as ‘diver’ once again – this time by Stoke City manager Tony Pulis.
The Potters’ boss was critical of the way Luis Suarez performed against Stoke City in a 0-0 draw on Liverpool’s turf. Tony Pulis labelled Luis Suarez “an embarrassment” and asked the Football Association (FA) to hand him a three-match ban.
Tony Pulis acknowledged Luis Suarez as an exceptionally talented player, but he criticized him for his diving nature. In his post match interview to BBC Sport, Tony Pulis condemned Luis Suarez’s desperate attempt to snatch a penalty with a blatant dive towards the end of the game.
“I thought Suarez again today...I've been on about people falling over and the one incident in the second half...it's an embarrassment being a professional footballer (and doing that),” Tony Pulis said.
“He's a fantastic player, he's got great ability and he is the one player we were frightened to death of today, but doing things like that...
“Retrospective decisions are made on a Monday by the FA and they should be looking at this. Give him three games and he will stop falling over. What happens is that he puts pressure on the referee and every time he goes down you've got 40,000 Liverpool fans getting after the ref and I don't think that's right.
“I don't know how many times he has fallen over but the one in the penalty box is just an embarrassment and how he has not been booked I just don't know.
“I am concerned about the simulation and putting pressure on the ref. It's a tough enough job as it is. For professional footballers to be doing that is just not right and the PFA should start talking about it.”
To be honest Tony Pulis has got a point. Luis Suarez has been diving rather clumsily this season. A couple of reckless dives have tarnished his image in front of referees and other teams.
Liverpool has been complaining about referees being biased about awarding them penalties – and that is true! They have been victimized by referees, but when you have a player that has unfortunately developed a reputation for falling down too easily this happens.
Tony Pulis went on to suggest that Luis Suarez should learn a thing or two from his teammate Glen Johnson. The Liverpool fullback picked himself after a hard tackle from a Stoke City player without complaining much.
“There was a challenge in the first half in front of us, Jon Walters and Glen Johnson both went up for a header, it was a proper old-fashioned challenge,” Tony Pulis said.
“Glen Johnson did absolutely fantastic, just bounced back up on got with the game, it was a proper, proper challenge. I went over to him and said 'well done, brilliant' - not only did he play exceptionally well but his behavior was fabulous.”
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