When Did Urlacher Turn Into Such A Whiny Baby

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August 30, 2012; Cleveland, OH USA: Chicago Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher on the sidelines during a preseason game against the Cleveland Browns at Cleveland Browns Stadium.  Mandatory Credit: Eric P. Mull-USPRESSWIRE"Two of the people I don't care about: fans or media"-Brian Urlacher
"The only team in our division that gets booed at home is us. It's incredible to me."-Brian Urlacher

Where to begin.

Brian Urlacher is a guy who has been the heart, the soul and the leader of these Chicago Bears for 13 seasons. And here he goes, sounding like a whiny little baby that is hurt that the fans and the media are critical of the Bears. Critical of a team that started 7-1 and now do not even hold their own playoff destiny in their hands. Seriously? Are you kidding? The Chicago Bears don't look like they can put up two touchdowns against our local high school team, forget any team with a winning record in the NFL.

Brian Urlacher is upset that fans are booing the Bears during the game? Did he actually WATCH the game? Outside of Brandon Marshall basically trying to win the game ALL BY HIMSELF, what were any of the Bears doing? Where was Lovie Smith and Mike Tice with a game plan that could actually use the players they have to score, win and defend against the Packers.? I was booing from home-I'm sorry they couldn't hear me and the rest of the Bears fans across the country-throwing their socks at the TV in frustration. And screaming in anguish. How could this complete meltdown happen again????

Brandon Marshall is the ONLY player on this team I have any respect for these days. He came out with strong words prior to the Bears-Packers game-in essence trying to rally his teammates together and carry this team on his back. And after the game, Marshall spoke from his heart about playing hard and accountability of everyone on the club and jobs. And you know what? With all that has happened this season-that made sense. A lot of sense. Here is a guy who wants to win, wants a chance to play for a Super Bowl Championship, not a guy  simply collecting a paycheck. Marshall came to the Bears thinking this was his way to get to the Big Game. But even after career best numbers, it looks like its all going to be meaningless in the end. The Bears will be lucky to make the playoffs, and if they do, the other team knows all they have to do is put 14 points on the board and they will win. I'd love to play the Bears in the playoffs. Easy win.

So poor little Brian Urlacher. After 13 seasons, being the heart and soul and face of this Bears franchise, its all going to end for you like this? Whining? Complaining? Slamming the fans that wear your jerseys, and hang your posters on the wall, and buy the products you endorse? Clearly not looking for a media career after your football days are over. People have to like you for them to listen to you. Bears fans LOVE their Bears. They live and breathe their Bears. Their feelings are strong because they care so much. Way to make us all care a whole let less Urlacher. Yep, you really told us. I don't really care if you come back this season or next year. You are a step slower. There, I said it. Now, you going to stick your tongue out at me too?
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"Two of the people I don't care about: fans or media"-Brian Urlacher

Makes for great headlines, but taken completely out of context in order to make those headlines.  He was specifically asked about fans/media members calling for Lovie Smith's job.  His response was that he doesn't care about them and their opinions on that matter...i.e. they are not experts on that matter (he goes on to say sarcastically that there are lots of "experts" out there).  He's completely right.  Is he supposed to say, "Of course, since the fans and media are mad at Lovie, of course he should be fired..."??  No.  He believes in and supports his head coach even when there is some outside discontent.  Seems like the right thing to do to me.

I do agree that the Bears are currently a wreck.  Lovie does have something to do with that.  But for the media (not you necessarily - these are national headlines) to take Urlacher's quotes out of context is silly.

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I agree with most of what you said. The fans are booing the offense more than anything. Teams had been moving the ball on the Packers, but the Bears seem to make it easy for defensive coordinators. The play calling is so predictable it makes you want to vomit. And then in typical Cutler fashion he felt that going into the half tied may have given the Bears a chance to win. He never ceases to amaze me with the picks he throws.

And as much as it hurts not having Urlacher, being without Tim Jennings is hurting the defense more right now. You can't have Moore and Hayden on the field at the same time. Neither can cover anyone. Rodgers knew how easy it was throwing at either guy. Injuries ruin seasons, and once again the Bears can't seem to overcome them. It's sad.

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Well I tend to think that Brian gives it 100% every time he is out there so being booed "to him" is insulting.  I wouldn't call him a baby.  I think he is frustrated as he should be.  Their offensive line offers no protection to the QB.  The fans are frustrated as are the players.  I still like him and the Bears.