When Irish Eyes Are Smiling

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Even though they may be a wee bit bloodshot this morning, you know these Irish eyes are smiling after cashing both tickets last night and finishing off the week with an 8-3 (6-1 with college hoops and 2-2 in the NBA) mark. That keeps the good times rolling for March with a 17-5 record (12-3 with college hoops and 5-2 in the NBA) as we sit at the halfway point for the month. Let's see what we can do about keeping things going as we start off a brand new week.



THE NBA (5-1 last night, 33-18 for the week and 64-41 so far for the month)



SU WINNERS (4-2 last night, 37-14 for the week and 76-26 so far for the month)




TOTALS (3-3 last night, 30-21 for the week and 63-42 so far for the month)

OVERS - Magic/BUCKS (206 1/2), Knicks/CLIPPERS (195), Warriors/ROCKETS (216 1/2) and Kings/LAKERS (212 1/2)

UNDERS - Heat/RAPTORS (195 1/2), Hornets/WOLVES (189 1/2), Thunder/MAVS (209) and Hawks/NETS (188 1/2)



BUTTA (no play last night, 2-2 for the week and 5-2 so far for the month)

1. ROCKETS (-7) over Warriors - It's a lot of wood to carry, but the Rocks play with no fear. They aren't worried about what the Lakers are doing in the least. They just keep going with their "bombs away" attack and let the chips fall where they may. The Warriors are falling apart and are only 1-9 ATS in their last 10 road games and 1-8 ATS in their last 9 games in Houston. Couple that with the fact that the Rocks are 7-2 ATS in their last 9 home games, and that the favorite is 8-3 ATS in the last 11 games in this series, and it's pretty clear why Houston is worth a go tonight. ROCKETS 117, Warriors 100

2. Thunder (-200) over MAVS - Things aren't as clear cut for this game. The Thunder are clearly the better team here, but they have had some difficulties stretching out leads when on the road. The road team is 37-16 ATS in the last 53 games in this series, but I'm not going to ask the Thunder to cover the (-5) hung on them. I'll just take them to win the game. Thunder 102, MAVS 98




1. Heat (-8) over RAPTORS - We're getting to that point with the Heat's long winning streak where we have to start looking for spots to go against them. I'm not sure this is that spot, but Miami is off that big double revenge win over Miami a couple of days ago, and they have the Celtics tomorrow night in Boston. That's also a revenger for The Champs, so you could make the case that this is an opponent that they could slough off against. Heat 92, RAPTORS 83

2. Magic (+8 1/2) at BUCKS - I'm not buying the projection for this game, but even so, it's very hard to lay this much wood with the Bucks. They're primarily a 3-point shooting team, and if that goes cold on them, we can't expect them to cover a big number like this. Magic 108, BUCKS 103

3. CLIPPERS (-12 1/2) over Knicks - I don't know if the Knicks are taking guys off the street yet to suit up, but it's about to get to that point for them. CLIPPERS 111, Knicks 89

4. WOLVES (+1) vs. Hornets - About all I can say about this game is that it's on the schedule, so that's why they're playing it. WOLVES 87, Hornets 77

5. NETS (-4) over Hawks - An important game for the Nets as the Knicks fall apart in the Atlantic, but we all know that both these teams are very erratic. It's best to not rack our brains too much trying to figure this one out. NETS 93, Hawks 80

6. Kings (+9) at LAKERS - It's a huge number for the Lakers without Kobe, and Bryant is listed as "doubtful" for this one. If the Lakers are to hit a lofty number like this, they'll have to ratchet up their defense in a big way. The Kings may not be much, but they can fill it up. LAKERS 112, Kings 104



COLLEGE HOOPS (9-4 ATS/6-7 SU/4-9 TOTALS yesterday, 62-49/63-45/52-59 for the week and 132-101/148-81/114-119 so far for the month)



BUTTA (2-0 yesterday, 6-1 for the week and 12-3 so far for the month)

What I'm seeing for the remaining 3 games in the regular season looks very strange to me, so I'm going to let them all slide and wait for the brackets to be announced tonight.




1. N. Carolina (+3, O138) 87, Miami-Fla. 71

2. Ohio St. (-2, U117 1/2) 58, Wisconsin 56

3. Mississippi (+10 1/2, U135) 58, Florida 57



I honestly can't tell you what I'm more excited for: The announcement of the brackets, or what looks like a good spot for me to actually get some solid rest tonight. It has been a grueling last several days, but they've all been worth it so far. Have a grand and glorious Sunday, everyone! Happy St. Patty's Day! I'll be out and about today and tonight, so make sure you kiss and Irishman at some point. It really is good luck to do so, and on a personal note, I am "magically delicious"! Ah, Begorrah! See you tomorrow.

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