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BROOMOLOGY had a great run yesterday in it's initial appearnce of the season. That's a very heartening development. I certainly know that things will level off as things progress with that situation, but after such a long buildup and explanation in yesterday's post, it was nice that everbody cooperated.

THE NBA (2-1 last night and 20-11 so far for the week)

SU WINNERS (3-0 last night and 26-5 so far for the week)

TOTALS (2-1 last night and 16-15 so far for the week)
OVERS - Cavs/CELTICS (203), Raptors/WOLVES (198), Hornets/JAZZ (193 1/2) and Warriors/SUNS (203)
UNDERS - Heat/BOBCATS (194), Bucks/KNICKS (203), 76ers/HAWKS (193), Thunder/PACERS (191), Magic/BULLS (191), Mavs/KINGS (214), Rockets/BLAZERS (207 1/2) and Grizzlies/LAKERS (191 1/2)

BUTTA (no play last night and 3-0 so far for the week)
PARLAY: WOLVES (-270) over Raptors and JAZZ(-400) over Hornets - I like the way the Wolves are playing right now. They haven't quit on the season, even though it was over for them long ago, and they're finishing strong. I don't want to lay (-6 1/2) with them however. The Jazz have work to do still if they want to beat out the Lakers for that last playoff spot, and they're fortunate enough to be at home for a game against a team that hasn't played well on the road all season. That being said, I still don't like the basketball IQ of this Jazz squad, so there's no way I want to lay (-8) with them. WOLVES 115, Raptors 97 and JAZZ 107, Hornets 98

1. Heat (-5 1/2) over BOBCATS - The 'Cats have shown signs of life lately, and the Heat won't have LeBron, Wade, Chalmers or Allen tonight. Why bother? Heat 101, BOBCATS 92
2. KNICKS (-8) over Bucks - The Knicks have won 10 in a row now, so I don't want anything to do with them. If anything, I'm looking for the spot to go against them. At some point, the Knicks hot shooting is going to fail them, and their defense will cost them, but I'm not sure this is that spot. The Bucks just aren't all that trustworthy. KNICKS 111, Bucks 87
3. 76ers (+6 1/2) at HAWKS - All I want to say about this game is that the underdog is 8-2 in the last 10 games in this series. HAWKS 92, 76ers 90
4. CELTICS (-7) over Cavs - It's anybody's guess who's going to be available at game time for both of these team. So, it's not worth worrying much about. CELTICS 116, Cavs 97
5. PACERS (-3) over Thunder - What a waste for the Thunder if they give the game they won last night right back, and that just might happen. The Pacers are a team that plays the game very much like the Spurs, only Indiana is a little bit more physical. The Thunder aren't intimidated by physical. They give as good as they get in that area, but 2 nights in a row might be very difficult for them. PACERS 93, Thunder 82
6. Magic (+8 1/2) at BULLS - The Bulls really made an impressive comeback last night and paid it off with a last second win. That may have taken a lot out of them, and it's entirely possible that they don't take this opponent as seriously as they should. That's a recipe for disaster for a big favorite. BULLS 98, Magic 93
7. Warriors (-8) over SUNS - None of the numbers I see in the trending data for this game makes either team look appetizing. Warriors 111, SUNS 94
8. Mavs (+2) at KINGS - Of all the games on tonight's schedule, this would be the one that I would be most likely to go against my projection. The Mavs lost a crusher last night as they once again choked up a 4th quarter lead, and with that, they may have put a final nail in their coffin for the postseason. Mavs 102, KINGS 101
9. Rockets (-5) over BLAZERS - LaMarcus Aldridge is due back in the lineup for the Blazers tonight, so that should give them a fighting chance. The Rocks have no fear though, and a win tonight gets them closer to wrapping up a playoff spot. Rockets 104, BLAZERS 98
10. LAKERS (-2 1/2) over Grizzlies - Obviously, the Lakers have a lot more to play for than the Griz, and that might be the key to this game. It's not worth making the jump though. LAKERS 99, Grizzlies 90

COLLEGE HOOPS (0-1 ATS/SU/TOTALS last night and 4-4/3-5/2-6 so far for the week)

The CBIT (2-0 ATS/2-0 SU/0-2 TOTALS so far for the week)
Santa Clara (+2, O147) 79, GEORGE MASON 79 - I still think Santa Clara is the better team in this matchup. That didn't work out so well for them on Wednesday night, but they've had plenty of time to get their body clocks adjusted to the eastern time zone now, so I expect a better effort from the Broncos tonight.

Another day of baseball all day. Life just doesn't get much better. Have a great Friday. Be careful out there tonight. The Madness kicks back into action tomorrow, and I'll see you prior to any of the action starts.
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