When is enough enough?

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2008 was started with such high expectations.Pre season #9,a favorable schedule,a great recruiting class coming in,James Davis coming back for his senior season.Finally a trip to the ACC championship game.This season has turned into a total NIGHTMARE!
 Cullen Harper,the preseason ACC player of the year,is the biggest flop i've ever seen.Either he has an injury that isn't being talked about or has turned into a scared,not so goodshell of his former self.I know the offensive line has been torn apart by injuries,but injuries are part of the game.You have to play with what you have,but "The Mad Scientist"Rob Spence's play calling is the heart of the problem.3rd and short he runs home run patterns and 3rd and long pattern that don't get to the sticks.James Davis(arguably the best running back in Clemson history)gets the ball 8-10 times a game.Spence has got to go!!!!
 As far as Tommy Bowden goes.Hes a great man,fantastic recruiter,graduates his players,and runs a clean program.Thats not enough,he gets paid TO WIN FOOTBALL GAMES!,bottom line,hes not getting it done.

Tommy Bowden at Clemson
Site Wins Losses Totals
Home 39 16 55
Away 23 21 44
Bowls 3 5 8
Totals 65 42 107

These totals exclude games against I-AA schools. He wins about 71% of his home games, is roughly even on the road, and he’s not so great in bowls.

What about his opponents though? Here’s another table, with his opponents broken down by tiers. The fourth tier is made of opponents with a winning percentage of .000 - .249, the third is for teams with a winning percentage of .250 - .499, the second is for teams with a winning percentage of .500 - .749, and the fourth is for teams with a winning percentage of .750 - 1.000.

Tommy Bowden at Clemson
Tier Wins Losses Pct. Avg. Scored Avg. Allowed
First 4 21 .160 17 27
Second 28 17 .622 27 22
Third 22 3 .880 36 18
Fourth 11 1 .917 44 17

He’s awful against the best teams, wins two thirds of them against pretty good teams, and he cleans up against bad and mediocre teams. The one loss against a fourth tier opponent, if you’re curious, was a 16-13 loss to 2-9 Duke in 2004.

These numbers were before this season,and are getting no better now.
 This season is all but lost after 6 games.It would take a miracle for Clemson to reach Tampa this year and that was surely the team goal.
I say go ahead and start looking for a replacement.Begin starting Willy Korn at Qb and Jamie Harper at rb and begin looking to the future.
Tommy,thanks for all you've done for Clemson,but you have worn out your welcome.Bye bye Tommy.



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10/10/08   |   Ryan   |   153 respect

Ron - as a Carolina fan, I can feel your frustration.  I really thought Clemson was going to have a dynamite year.  I expected them to lose a game they were supposed to win, but I didn't think they'd be sitting in the position they're in right now.

I still wouldn't want to play the Tigers - they've got lots of talent.

Hope you win almost all of the rest of your games.