Where Does "Class" Originate

3/25/08 in   |   nebo   |   respect

We hear people say , "That guy/girl has class".  It is often followed by , "You just don't see that anymore". Class is acquired and taught not inherited.  Class begins with respect for others; parents, friends, siblings,etc.  Therefore it begins at home.  We must realize that everyone has worth and can teach us something.

We then must respect ourselves. This translates into good self image but not to the point of an inflated ego.

With this kind of respect we can learn from our mistakes and from  others teaching.  That helps us fit into the world or a team or a marriage, etc.  We go through life with confidence but with good relations with others. That is CLASS!
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3/25/08   |   JCMurphy4

Very well said Nebo.

To paraphrase a Supreme Court justice from many years ago: I don't know if I can give a definition of class but I know it when I see it.

You possess the quiet dignity that goes hand in hand with class Chief. Continue the good works.