Where Does the Hall of Fame Ballot Go From Here?

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Blog Photo - Where Does the Hall of Fame Balllot Go From Here?Roger Clemens (37.6%, 1 year) and Barry Bonds (36.2%, 1 year) You can't talk about one with the other. These two are at the head of most of the rancor and consternation on this ballot. I suspect that both Clemens and Bonds will see a slight uptick next year, depending on how many writers took a position of not voting for them first ballot, but voting for them afterwards. After that, it's clearly going to take a long time for either of them to get in, if they do on the writers ballot at all. With 14 years to go, it's impossible to predict how this is going to proceed.

Edgar Martinez (35.9%, 4 years) Edgar has essentially stayed flat since he debuted. The DH thing is clearly hampering his progress (which, even though I'm a support of Edgar, I can understand). Stranger things have happened, but it's not looking good for him. If anything, I could see him dropping next year due to the crowded ballot. I'm guessing many of Edgar's supporters are those with bigger ballots, and someone has to drop to make room.

Alan Trammell (33.6%, 12 years) Debuting at a low number is not a death knell for a player's chances at getting elected, but being under 35% this late in the game almost certainly is. Trammell's another one who I expect to see his vote total fall next year.

Larry Walker (21.6%, 3 years) Walker is settling into the low 20s, which isn't going to get it done. If the ballot was clearing faster, I wonder if his case could get some more attention, because it's worth debating.

Fred McGriff (20.7%, 4 years) Given the PED backlash and McGriff's believed cleanness, I'm surprised he's not getting more support. He actually went down this year, which I'm guessing was a result of the crowded ballot. That problem isn't going away anytime soon, but I have a hunch the Crime Dog could still get more into the conversation. It's not likely to happen, but there's still a non-zero chance.

Dale Murphy (18.6%, 15 years) This was Murphy's last year of eligibility, and thus he falls off the ballot. This probably helps his chances actually, and it gets him off this ballot and onto the Veterans Committee at some point. We'll see if he has better luck there.

Don Mattingly (13.2%, 13 years) It's obviously not going to happen for Donnie Baseball.

Mark McGwire (16.9%, 7 years), Sammy Sosa (12.5%, 1 year), and Rafael Palmeiro (8.8%, 3 years) McGwire is going nowhere, Sosa's candidacy looks DOA, and Palmeiro dropped so much this year I wouldn't be surprised if he fell off the ballot completely next year. None of these guys are getting in.

Bernie Williams (3.3%, 2 years) and Kenny Lofton (3.2%, 1 year) Neither Williams nor Lofton got 5%, so they fall off the ballot. It was a fate neither deserved. I'm not saying that they are Hall of Famers in the end, but both have arguments that deserve a full debate, and neither will get it. Lofton in particular has an intriguing case. He's not the most egregious one and done player ever (that's Lou Whitaker), but he's up there.

What are your predictions on who will get elected in the future?
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1/10/13   |   ML31   |   3675 respect

Here is something to ponder...  What happens when (and this very well could happen) a player from the '90's gets in and after he is enshrined he admits he used steroids and/or HGH or some other banned substance?

Seems to me the only way around it for one of the "holier-than-thou" writers is to not ever vote for anyone who played from the mid '80's through 2003.

And of course, there is the obvious cheater who is already in...  Who got elected even after he had admitted to cheating.  Gaylord Perry.  And then there were the "greenies" and amphetamines (which is actually MORE helpful to a baseball player than steroids BTW) freely available to players for years before they were banned from Clubhouses. 

The point is every era had something players used to get an edge.  Illegal, banned or not yet banned things.

This idea that the very same writers who knew this was going on and never wrote a thing decrying it  for over a decade are now shunning players from that same era is a very slippery slope indeed.  And pathetic at that.

1/10/13   |   Pat   |   5234 respect

ML31 wrote:
I'm of the opinion that Bonds and Clemens will be enshrined in the Hall at some point.  It may take some time but they will be there.  They HAVE to be.

Yup. The Hall of Fame doesn't adequately tell the story of the game without them.

1/10/13   |   Jeff_P   |   19921 respect

GET OFF YOUR HIGH HORSES AHOLES............there are CHEATERS IN the hall as we speak and to leave these players of the ballot because of ASSUMPTIONS is a disgrace to all involved.REMEMBER ROIDS  was not officially baned til 2003....sooooooo a lot of these players played WELL BEFORE THAT TIME......and their careers were well under way............WHAT A SHAME TO LEAVE THEM OUT CUZ WE ASSUME THEY ARE GUILTY..........you know what they say......when you ASSUME something......IT MAKES AN ASS out of YOU.............but NOT ME...........and oh yea.............by the way.............how about letting PETE ROSE in also..........WHAT A JOKE.................is the hall now the HALL OF SAINTS..............UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

1/10/13   |   cubsgirl   |   2647 respect

Piazza. Raines and Smith, would have been good.  I am really happy at some that did not make it. 

1/9/13   |   jaysinw   |   5039 respect

Maddox and Glavine should be locks, Thomas I do not think should be a lock still make a few years later. After 97 he played primary a DH so I hold them to a higher standard,  for someone who did not play a position where the body takes a beating. Jack Morris and Lee Smith are being robbed, and I have to say they will not make it. Clemens should be in there but there is to many people out there who cannot stand him and that will hurt any chance of him getting in. Maybe he will get in by the Veterans. McGwire and Bonds, one admitted taking them while the other said I did so not knowingly still should get in because baseball turned a blinded eye to what was going on even when,  Commissioner Fay Vicent may his concerns how PEDs would hurt the game the owners and him did not see things the same especially with everything else that was going on at the time. These guys in the BBWAA are just as guilty many were beat writers and knew more of what was going on in the club house back then and now feel they should be the judge on the morals of the people who played the game. With the things I heard today, Babe Ruth, Ty Cobb and many others would not be able to pass the test to get into the HoF, and I am sure that most will not agree but then again I am also the one who believes Pete Rose should be in there.  

1/9/13   |   ML31   |   3675 respect

I'm of the opinion that Bonds and Clemens will be enshrined in the Hall at some point.  It may take some time but they will be there.  They HAVE to be.