Where Will Dwight Howard Sign?

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For the most part, comparing this offseason to the rumors surrounding Dwight Howard's departure from Orlando last year, it has been silent. 

Dwight hasn't even uttered a word to the press. It seems as though TMZ is leaving him alone. Perez Hilton hasn't caught him in a hotel room in Napa with his pants down (see: Mark Sanchez). However, there are three legitimate destinations for the big guy and he has yet to make anything known. 

Blog Photo - Where Will Dwight Howard Sign?Speculation is fun though - so lets dive right in. 

The Lakers? Star powered city where all great big men are revered. Wilt Chamberlain. Kareem. Shaquille. Can Dwight handle the pressure of becoming the next great big man to grace the rafters in Staples Center? If last year is any indication, Howard doesn't have the wherewithal to withstand that kind of pressure. Also, he and Kobe Bryant don't complement one another on the floor very well. In addition, Mike D'Antoni doesn't know how to coach or develop big-man talent. So, yes - Dwight will leave Los Angeles - but where will he go? 


Well, Dallas has plenty of cap room and an entire roster to fill, but one bonus would be playing alongside probably the greatest internationally born player in NBA history.  Dirk Nowitzki has also already won a championship, so you know playing with him will positively influence your game. BUT, Dwight wants to be the man. Immediately. 

How about Houston?! Dwight has been paying a former Rocket to improve his offensive game.  Not just any former Rocket either - he brought back-to-back championships to Houston in the mid-90's.  Hakeem Olajuwon, one of the greatest centers of all-time can help make this move a reality. Well, also the fact that the Rockets have been paving the way to absorb the max contract of Howard to pair with James Harden. Also, Chandler Parsons has been reaching out on his own each and every day.  Even more-so, Kevin McHale, one of the better power forwards the league has seen, can serve as coach AND mentor - something neither the Lakers nor the Mavericks can offer. 

Dwight to Houston. It's going down. 
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