Where the New York Giants sit in Week 5 NFL power rankings

NY Giants continue to free fall in NFL power rankings

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Sep 29, 2013; Kansas City, MO, USA; New York Giants head coach Tom Coughlin watches play on the sidelines during the second half of the game against the Kansas City Chiefs at Arrowhead Stadium. The Chiefs won 31-7. Mandatory Credit: Denny Medley-USA TODAY SportsEveryone seems to agree that the 2013 New York Giants are, in fact, a bad team and not just one struggling at the start of the season. New York is but one of four winless sides, and Big Blue hasn't shown even a hint of turning things around. Truth be told, the Giants have actually managed to get worse with every week. That's reflected in recent NFL power rankings, lists that have seen the Giants plummet since the start of the season.

Where the NY Giants are in Week 5 NFL power rankings: ESPN

The ESPN NFL writers see only the Jacksonville Jaguars and Tampa Bay Buccaneers as being worse than are the Giants. Those individuals didn't paint a completely dark picture with their words, however, saying the following: “Don't blame Victor Cruz. On Sunday, he continued a solid season amid the tumult, catching three times as many passes for first downs (six) as all the other Giants combined.” I'm as big a fan of Cruz as you'll find, but maybe he could tone down the salsa dances until New York starts winning games.

Where the NY Giants are in Week 5 NFL power rankings: CBS

Senior NFL columnist Pete Prisco also dropped the Giants in 30th in his power rankings. He says that it “isn't likely” that New York is climbing out of the hole the team is currently in. Considering how poorly the Giants played in September, I believe that Prisco is spot on.

Where the NY Giants are in Week 5 NFL power rankings: Shutdown Corner

The tradition that is the Giants being third-lowest in NFL power rankings continues with Frank Schwab and Shutdown Corner. He pointed out one unfortunate and worrisome stat: “The Jaguars have lost four games by 98 points and everyone is wondering if they'll go 0-16. The Giants have lost four games by 85 points.” That stings.

Where the NY Giants are in Week 5 NFL power rankings: FOX

Brian Billick was slightly more kind to the Giants, putting them ahead of four teams and at No. 28. He has the Jags, Bucs, Oakland Raiders and Pittsburgh Steelers all beneath New York. Pittsburgh has undeniably been bad in the first four weeks of the season. I'm not at all convinced, however, that the Giants would beat the Steelers or Oakland if the Raiders have a healthy Terrelle Pryor starting at quarterback.

Where the NY Giants are in Week 5 NFL power rankings: Pro Football Talk

PFT is wasting no time in firing up those old Bill Cowher rumors, all the while dropping the Giants to 29th in power rankings. Again, not a part of me believes New York could beat Pittsburgh right now, not even if that game occurred at Giants Stadium.

Where the NY Giants are in Week 5 NFL power rankings: NY Daily News

Local press is deservedly giving the Giants zero breaks after four straight losses. Like ESPN, the NYDN has New York ahead of only Tampa Bay and Jacksonville. That's fair.

One doesn't have to pull out a calculator to see that the Giants are sitting around 30 in NFL power rankings. One could even make the argument that New York played worse in September than did the Bucs. The silver lining for Big Blue is that nobody in the NFC East appears to be a real contender at the start of October. That's going to mean little for the Giants, however, if the team doesn't start winning games and soon.

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