Which Head Coach Do NFL Players Most Want to Play For? The Results Are In

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And it's Pete Carroll, by a mile. A few interesting takeaways:
  • None of the teams coached by these guys finished under .500 (the Jets, Ravens and Steelers were 8-8). 
  • Mike Tomlin, at #2, is also the youngest coach of the bunch. Credit to Tomlin for turning what could just as easily be perceived as a weakness (lack of experience, hard to command the respect of his locker room) into a strength. 
  • What we hear most often about Belichick is that he "puts his players in a position to succeed." I'm sure Danny Woodhead loved playing for Bill, who showed the rest of the league just how good he could be when utilized properly. That's why Bill is high up on this list.
  • It makes sense that John Idzik, the first year GM of the Jets, would be willing to not only take the job with Rex at the helm, but has now extended his contract. Idzik has seen first-hand the value of having a defensive-minded players coach in Pete Carroll during his many years with the Seahawks. Things are looking up for Rex now. 
  • There is a very big gap between Jim Harbaugh and Pete Carroll. Makes you wonder if the Niners were more likely to tense up with the game on the line in the NFC championship game  against their rivals. Remember, last year they were 1 play away from winning it all, and  a muffed punt away from playing the Patriots in the Super Bowl the year before that.

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