Which rookie QB looks to be the better bet for the future: Robert Griffin III or Andrew Luck?

Just checking in: RG3 or Luck?

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Blog Photo - Which rookie QB looks to be the better bet for the future: Robert Griffin III or Andrew Luck?

Seven games into the season, we have seen quite a bit of the first and second overall draft picks, Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III, respectively.

Thus far, Griffin's play has been sensational while Luck plods along in a manner typical of most rookie quarterbacks. RG3's QB rating is a whopping 101.3 as compared to Luck's less-than-pedestrian 72.3. RG3 has been a human highlight reel thus far, Luck  more of an instructional video on what a young quarterback should expect during his first season in the NFL.
All that being said, there is still a lot of room to debate which player is the more promising quarterback to build a team around. The most obvious player RG3 can be compared to is Michael Vick, whose career has been marred not just by his conviction for dogfighting, but, more important for the sake of our argument, injury. 12 years into his career Vick wears a flackjacket to protect his perpetually bruised ribs. His propensity to take off and run from the pocket leaves him exposed to big hits, and overtime his skill has eroded because of it.

Already, the main concern surrounding RG3 is his inability to say no to those extra 2-3 yards, and simply get out of harms way. Taking hits like these, Redskins fans have to be nervous that his remarkable skill will, over time, be eroded by the punishment that comes with playing recklessly in the NFL. 

Andrew Luck, on the other hand, has shown all the ability that made him the first overall pick and also all of the symptoms that come with being an NFL rookie. In short, Colts fans can only be pleased by the play of Luck thus far, as there have been no indications that he is not the player they drafted. There have been numerous glimpses of Luck's arm strength, his accuracy, his ability to move in the pocket and, when a play breaks down, pleasantly surprising displays of athleticism to gain yards with his feet. With 7 TDs and 7 INTs thus far, Luck has thrown many passes he wishes he had back, certainly part of the learning process for a first-year QB. Really, the only reason for Colts fans to feel anxious is the stellar play of RG3, the player they could have picked.

Robert Griffin III and Andrew Luck are inextricably linked for the rest of their careers, and in intriguing fashion, they represent the two opposing styles of quarterback play. RGIII is a new breed. His track speed is matched by his arm, leading the NFL in completion percentage. Luck represents the typical pocket passer. He hopes to be another Brady, another Manning. There is no doubt that RGIII has burst out of the gate ahead of Luck, but the debate has not changed-- who would you rather be the quarterback of the future for your team?
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Even though RGIII has been spectacular I'd rather build a team around Luck, just because he will probably have a longer career than Griffin. I don't have the stats to back this up but I would assume that scrambling QBs have a lot shorter careers than your typical pocket passer, but either way these two are this generations Montana/Elway, Manning/Brady. I can't wait for the eventual Luck vs. RGIII Super Bowl!!

10/24/12   |   Trokspot   |   65 respect

Good article, but just a few things I was thinking as I read through:

If you look at QBR then Luck has a slight edge over RG3.  Luck also has a slight edge in passing yards.
RG3 has many fewer attempts - largely because he went to a much better and balanced team. (Washington's defense is also much better than Indy's.) 
Both QB's should have one more win under their belts, especially Luck. (Luck vs. Jags, RG3 vs. NYG)

The other thing that kind of annoys me is that people continually describe Luck as "surprisingly athletic."  Why? Probably because he's white, while we should expect that kind of performance from RG3.  Luck's athleticism is pretty well documented - both at Stanford and his combine performance...why we are still "surprised" is interesting to me.  (This is not meant as an attack on you - I hear this from many people.)

I do agree that they will be inextricably linked for the entirety of their (hopefully long and successful) careers.  I would argue that both went to the best fit for them.  I'd like for them to both have a lot of success, especially Luck since I happen to be a Colts fan!