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Another heartbreaker in Washington last night. The fact of the matter is that the Wiz never did really seize control of the game even though they were in the lead most of the way. They did miss some opportunities to put the Kings away, but that's sort of what you get when you rely on a team that's only won 10 games so far this season. The Wiz have been playing great ball though recently, and they are a team that's very definitely on the rise. I'm sure last night's experience with them won't sour me towards moving on them again if the situation is right.



THE NBA (3-4 last night and 5-9 so far for the week)



SU WINNERS (4-3 last night and 8-6 so far for the week)




TOTALS (6-1 last night and 9-5 so far for the week)

OVERS - Warriors/CAVS (206) and Bucks/PISTONS (202)

UNDERS - Mavs/BLAZERS (201 1/2) and Hornets/LAKERS (194 1/2)



BUTTA (0-1 last night and 0-2 so far for the week)

It's been a slow start to the week and miserable month, but there's no reason to be "chasing money" if the situations aren't right.




1. CAVS (+1 1/2) vs. Warriors - It was a bit of a surprise when it was announced that Bogut was going to play last night for the Warriors, but he did, and Golden State got just what they envisioned when they shipped Monta Ellis off to Milwaukee for him. I'll be watching closely to see how Coach Jackson handles him tonight in the b2b situation. Early reports are that Bogut will sit it out. There's also a real good chance that Steph Curry (ankle) will also join Bogut at the end of the bench tonight. If all that happens, the Cavs might just be worth a 2nd look because this is also a terrible scheduling spot for the Warriors. This is the last game of a road trip, it's their 4th game in 5 nights and 5th in 7 and Kyrie Irving is unconscious right now for the Cavs, and that makes everyone else on the Cleveland squad better. CAVS 109, Warriors 108

2. PISTONS (-1 1/2) over Bucks - The Pistons are going to have to figure out a way to defend the arc and not get burned in the paint while they do. The Bucks can really throw the bombs when they get hot, and that can overwhelm an opponent. Other than that, these 2 teams look relatively even to me. PISTONS 105, Bucks 97

3. BLAZERS (-2 1/2) over Mavs - I don't know how they're doing it, but the Blazers just keep hanging around. They are going to have to figure out a way to put an extended streak together if they want to make the playoffs, but right now, they're a tough out at home. Meanwhile, folks in Dallas have to like what they've seen out of their team over the last several games, but this trip to the left coast will let us know where the Mavs really are, and if there's any hope at all for this team to make a late push for the postseason. BLAZERS 103, Mavs 98

4. Hornets (+7) at LAKERS - The Laker win streak is now at a whopping 2 games in a row, but watch out for this Hornet team. They're young, talented, playing with confidence and don't seem to be afraid of anything right now. LAKERS 95, Hornets 90



It's always nice to be able to get in and out again quickly. Now, I have the rest of my day to continue research and watch the rain here in God's Country. And yes, it's rain. It's close to 70 degrees this morning! FANTASTIC! Have a great Tuesday, and I'll see you tomorrow.

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