White Sox players take picture with crazy pants

Kevin Youkilis had no idea what he was getting himself into

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Blog Photo - White Sox players take picture with crazy pants

When Kevin Youkilis got traded from the Red Sox to the White Sox earlier this year, he was probably excited about not having to deal with Red Sox manager Bobby Valentine anymore. It was obvious that Valentine had gotten under Youk's skin, and that Youk was also upset at his lack of playing time after he came back from his injury only to realize Will Middlebrooks had won his old job.

That having been said, you have to wonder if Youk really knew what he was getting himself into.

Here he is, almost in the middle of the picture with the bright yellow shirt and white hat, looking like a deer in headlights.

I have no idea what the White Sox players are doing, dressed up in these ridiculous pants, but if someone knows, feel free to tell us in the comments section below.

Something tells me Youk might be wishing he just stuck it out in Boston, at this point.

Thanks to @JerodMorris for the pic.
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8/29/12   |   The Wakka Man   |   16 respect

Might be a team-building exercise thingy like the Mets did earlier this year (and look how well that worked), dressing up as cowboys and hockey players.

8/28/12   |   Lobotomy Jones   |   7597 respect

It's for some kind of campaign with Loud Mouth Golf clothing.