Who Are These Fans?

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What is up with Raider oooops I mean the Nascar fans at Dega?  This is supposed to be the one track where all of Nascar most hardcore and faithfull fans come to watch there favorite drivers compete. The track of all tracks. The house that made the Alabama gang famous. The house that also took the life of one of their favorite drivers Davey Allison. This is also the house that Dale Earnhardt Sr called his own. The king of restrictor plate racing.

But lately this is also the place that unless your name is Earnhardt. You dont dare win a race and take your helmet off until you are safe in victory lane. We all seeen what happened last year when Gordon won and drove around with Dale Sr's flag as tribute to him. He was pelted with beer cans. That wasnt the first time that Jeff had cans thrown at him. After a controversial call on a yellow flag a couple of years ago that gave the victory to Jeff instead of Jr. Jeff couldnt take a victory lap because of the debris that was thrown at him. It almost resembled a twister as the debris came flying from all directions.

What is it that causes Nascar fan to all of a sudden act like Raider fan? Dont these few i *d *i *o *t *s realize that someone could get hurt? Is that the kind of example that you want to set for your kids? Isnt this supposed to be Nascar? The last of the family orientated sports? If this kind of behavior keeps up. How many adults would be willing to bring their kids to a sport where at one time was considered safe? Im not saying that this kind of behavior happens at all the tracks. But it seems to be following some sort of pattern. Violence has been a rising problem at alot of our tracks.

Its to bad when at one time you were able to go to a race and sit back and enjoy it. Nowadays you have to keep a good eye out. Because you never know when the fan sitting next to you is gonna snap. Just this past year at California. The arrest rate was up a pretty good percentage from previous years. And this was during the rain. Last year when it was 118 degrees. Cali was off the hook. Now Im not bad mouthing the fans who  go to see some good racing and also to have a good time. After all thats what going to a race is all about. But this is for the ones who choose to treat our sport as another place to get plastered and have no respect for the ones who are there to have fun and to also enjoy themselves.

Its to bad that some treat it as another quote unquote rock concert. Where the objective is that the one who gets the most drunk and acts the s t u p i d e s t is the one that is looked on the most highly by his friends. Who do you blame? Nascar for promoting the sport into more of a place for young people to party at? After all when young people drink. They are more prone to spend there hard earned bucks. And we have seen in past few years that Nascar is all about the money. The older crowd is a little more careful with how they spend. So why not add the pre race concerts and all of the hoopla.  Or do you blame the few fans who have decided that Nascar is just another event that they can party at where there is no curfew for beer sales like there is for any other sporting event?

Either way no matter how we look at it. Or for that matter how we try to deal with it. Its here to stay. There is nothing that we as fans can do about it. And we already know that Nascar isnt gonna do anything about it either. Or are they? Hmmmmm. After yesterdays incident after the race. Something needs to be done about it before someone gets hurt. Yup after Kyle Busch took the win. He came down to the start finish line and got out of his car to take his ceremoniuos bow. When out of the stands came a coke bottle hurled right at him.

When is it all gonna stop? Im Out

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