Who Should Clippers Go With at Head Coach?

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If LA playoff hockey just isn't for you (which is an issue) then the most excitement you get out of the NBA offseason here in SoCal is the Clippers coaching vacancy. 

It seems every day there's a new candidate added to the list by traditional sports media, however, those names are thrown around because those names currently don't have a job. So everyone is a candidate, right?

Phil Jackson was even a candidate. Apparently he's a candidate for every coaching job though, so that wasn't a shocker. 

How about Jeff Van Gundy?! He's been out of coaching since around 2007 when he was fired by the Houston Rockets after failing to leave the first round of the postseason with Tracy McGrady and Yao Ming. He's now the top color commentator in the NBA, regardless of what the fans think - because he gets the bookings for the primetime games. Why would he leave that for the headache of coaching?! 

Blog Photo - Who Should Clippers Go With at Head Coach?And then there were three: Brian Shaw, Byron Scott and Mike Malone.

Most people know the first two candidates by name - Shaw from his time playing with the three-peat Lakers squad in the beginning of the millenium, as well as an Assistant coach under Phil Jackson for the Lakers last two championships. He currently is serving as assistant for Indiana. 

Byron Scott, former coach of the New Orleans Hornets when Chris Paul played with Tyson Chandler, was fired by the Cavaliers this offseason, and his close relationship with Paul had him linked to this job the moment his firing was announced. 

Mike Malone - he was the lead assistant under Scott in NOLA during Paul's tenure. Apparently, he was the mastermind behind most things NOLA did, and Scott was the figurehead. He is currently and assistant with Golden State (where he coaches former Hornet Jarret Jack as well). 

The top choice would be either one of these three - but a combination would be fantastic. A pairing of Scott and Malone would be ideal, but who knows if Malone wants to remain an assistant? But, if Scott were to mess up, Malone would inherit the job...eh, wishful thinking/pure speculation. 
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5/30/13   |   AJ_88   |   166 respect

Well, i guess Mike Malone/Byron Scott combo aint happening anymore....Malone to Sacto good move for them