Who's Now? The Michael Vick Chew Toy for Your Dog!

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Tiger Woods can enjoy his dramatic Who's Now victory, but what's really now is the Michael Vick Chew Toy. Way to embrace the moment and make a small forture.

For a mere $10 your dog can chew up Michael Vick all fall.
Is it different you ask? You bet it is! The Vick Dog Chew Toy is made of state of the art "dog" material. The Vick Toy Doll is so strong and flexible, it will challenge even the most aggressive breeds. Especially Mike's Favorite Breed, The Pit Bull.

Unlike Vick, our manufacturer is so sure of its durability they guarantee it against the most aggressive dog destruction. It Bends. It Bounces. It Flies. It Floats. And best of all, it lasts through the whole season and more!

Source: (Michael Vick Dog Chew Toy)
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8/12/07   |   Powderguy

I'd buy one, although my dog is a jack russell terrier, not exactly a fierce dog

8/11/07   |   taylornyc4

I just think that mailmen everywhere are happy they're no longer #1 on dogs' hate lists.

8/7/07   |   Pat   |   5235 respect

The only way this would be "funny" was if they made these for every team... not just vick.

But that wouldn't be "funny", since not every team has a guy that has dogfighting charges pending against him. I'm not sure if you realize this, but Vick has some pretty serious allegations against him right now, and the prosecutors have some pretty good evidence. It's not as funny if it's not relevant. And like it or not, it's relevant with Vick, and Vick only, as far as we know.

8/6/07   |   DGarcia879   |   19 respect

They should make some for all the NFL teams beside Vick.  I'm a cowboys fan, my neighbor is a Cowboys fan herself, they should make a Redskins player dog chew for my neighbors dog, lol. anyways, thats a neet item.

8/6/07   |   Nick S

thats pretty damn ridiculous

Its ridiculously funny!

8/6/07   |   Twiz

Somebody is going to make a bundle off of this item, I wish I would have thought of it first.

8/6/07   |   Crackersex   |   98 respect

I would soooooooooooooo buy one of these for my EX to give to our pitbull "Socom" to chew on.  It's guys like him that make dogs like mine get a bad rap!