Why Has No NFL Team Worked Out Tim Tebow?

Tim Tebow ... Oh No

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Let's take a look around the NFL on this Wednesday October 23rd, a day away from the start of week 8, and let's focus solely on the quarterback position. Ahh ... the most important position in any sport. Probably any business in the entire world. Carson Palmer, Thad Lewis, Jason Campbell/Brandon Weeden, Case Keenum, Chad Henne/Blaine Gabbert, Josh Freeman/Christian Ponder/Matt Cassel, Sam Bradford/Kellen Clemens. What studs! Man .. SHOW ME those playoff wins, guys! Oh ... there aren't any? Well .. let's see those Pro Bowls! (Hi Carson and Josh) .. well certainly you all have to be showing some serious promise this season right? NO? You mean you all have a combined 47 interceptions but you keep starting week after week for the league's worst teams? You don't say.
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Well there has to be a ton of other good quarterbacks on the market that other teams have to work out before they even give TIM TEBOW a thought .... right? Matt Leinart, Brady Quinn, Pat White, Dennis Dixon, David Carr, Austin Davis, John Skelton, Dennis Dixon, and John Beck? Hmm ... who?

So tell me why no team in this league has the STONES to bring in Tim Tebow? Is it because you are all SO SCARED that he may come in and play well, win games, bring your dead fanbase back to life like the new Twilight movie or is it because he will sell too many jerseys that you guys wouldn't know how to capitalize on it? That has to be it. Well those are all good things ... so what is it?

You going to try to tell me that you are worried his crazy cult that he brings in is more dangerous than losing a game, your team's trust in you and your head coach and empty seats? That doesn't seem smart ... does it? The kid is only friggin' 26 years old. He will immediately boost your teams rushing attack, will make plays and who the hell knows ... maybe win you some games. It was only a few years ago when he threw for over 300 yards and beat the Pittsburgh Steelers in the postseason. (I know, I know, that Denver defense and Matt Prater ... spare me) Can you look me straight in the eyes, St.Louis Rams fans, and tell me you would rather watch BIG, BAD, Kellen Clemens go to war on Sunday, over Tim Tebow? No offense Kellen but you are better off on a John Deere than a football field. How about you, JAGUAR FANS. How is BIG BLAINE and CHAMPION CHAD doing for you? Not so good? Oh 12 INT's combined? 0-6? You don't say! Fans having fun? No .... shocker.

I don't get how when the word "Tebow" is mentioned, people immediately crawl under their beds and hide under the covers. I do get how ESPN and other media outlets BEAT the Tebowmania to death....trust me. I do. But maybe much like his career the past two years....it's been quieted. PLEASE spare us all Minnesota. I can't watch Josh Freeman overthrow men on stilts anymore. I can't take it. Don't put us through that again. Yes I know Tim Tebow has a 47.9 completion percentage though 35 games in his career and only started 14 at quarterback. That's not even a full season. He has truly never had the shot to take a team by the cajones and go.

Maybe it's time to give Tim a shot to JUST play football. I don't think Matt Leinart, Brady Quinn, Pat White, Dennis Dixon, David Carr, or Austin Davis would mind. Give it a shot.
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10/24/13   |   brebucko   |   2 respect

totally agree with this....he almost got to the Superbowl...God is good for the sport

10/23/13   |   jaysinw   |   5039 respect

The crazy world we live in. People forget how he was a passer his rookie season when Josh McDaniels was there so I hope the people do not come on here saying how you have to revamp the whole system too. If I was Cleveland or Jacksonville I would be really thinking of giving TEBOW a shot to play. It cannot be any worse.