Why I Can't Wait to Go Back To The Cell

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Aug 5, 2012; Chicago, IL, USA; The Chicago White Sox congratulate each other after the ninth inning against the Los Angeles Angels at US Cellular Field. The White Sox won 4-2. Mandatory Credit: Dennis Wierzbicki-US PRESSWIREAs a lifelong Cubs Fan, my trips to see the White Sox play have been few. Very few. In fact, Im not sure I ever saw a game at the Old Comiskey Park. And in recent years, while I have ventured to Wrigley on multiple occasions each season for years, I have only made one trip to US Cellular field. Until this weekend. And I can't wait to go back. So what happened-why all the excitement?

First of all, money. I spent less. Less on tickets, less on parking, less on food. There were tickets at every price point available and they were even available the day of the game. A family of 4 could actually attend a game, have lunch & buy a souvenir for under $100. Can't do that at Wrigley. Or at Soldier Field or at the United Center. Tickets, parking, food add up fast attending sporting events as a family. It was nice to be able to see a game without completely breaking the bank.

Second, location and parking. I have always been hesitant to try and attend a Sox game because it is on the South side of Chicago and I live in the Northern suburbs. But it took less time to drive to the Cell than it has ever taken to get to Wrigley! And once we were off the highway, the stadium was RIGHT THERE. What a pleasure. And, there were a lot of stadium lots available for parking at a very reasonable price, especially in comparison to wrigley and other sports facilities in the Chicago area.

The atmosphere was fun. Immediately once we parked, there were tons of people tailgating, having fun, barbequing, having lunch. Enjoying themselves. There were live bands playing around the facilities, statues around the stadium to check out and take pictures with-just gave the stadium a great fun atmosphere. Once inside the stadium, after getting our free kids chest protector backpack, which my son thought was awesome-we went to the FUNdamentals area. Here is a completely free area for kids where they can hit in batting cages, play catch with "players", and try and throw a ball into moving gloves. This is open from the time the gates open until after the game. I was impressed as was my 7 year old who thought it was "very cool".

The food was great too. With options for vegetarians, gluten free folks, hard core beef sausage combos, as well as the ever loved nachos in the helmet, there is truly choices for everyone. Prices for snacks like cotton candy also were much more prevalent around the stadium and lots of vendors walking around selling things.

Finally, the entertainment throughout the game was a blast. The game starts off with fireworks, ends with a win with fireworks and they are set off as well every time a White Sox player hits a home run. Wow! In between innings they showed kids races, fake "mustache" on fans in the stands, people dancing. I think everyone in the stadium not only was enjoying the game but appreciating the extra effort that the White Sox & US Cellular Field have made into making the game family friendly, entertaining and truly enjoyable for all.

I have been a Cubs fan my whole life. But here are the White Sox, leading their division, playing great baseball in a stadium I can't wait to go back to. I just might be a Sox fan in the making.
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as a DIE HARD CUB FAN............im stunned........hope you enjoy your day at that dump as you travel thru a bad bad neighborhood and unruly fans  and hope with allllllllllllll the money you saved that you can get a cheap replica OZZIE GUILLEN SOX jersey...............a DIE HARD CUB FAN LIKES..........NOTHING ABOUT THE WHITE SOX........NOTHING........................ughhhhhhhhhhhhhh............

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Die-hard in the wool Cubs fan here...I was at Comiskey once...Disco Demolition night...ha.