Why Ray Allen and the Celtics Burned Bridges

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Blog Photo - Why Ray Allen and the Celtics Burned BridgesRay Allen has recently signed a deal with the Miami Heat to a three-year deal worth $9.7 million, even though the Boston Celtics offered him twice as much.
So, why didn’t Allen return to a team that he had been on for 5 years, won a championship with, and offered twice as much money to?
Apparently, Allen didn’t appreciate the way that GM Danny Ainge constantly threw out his name in trade talks.  In fact, Ray was told that he had been traded this past year to the Grizzlies, before the deal fell apart last minute.  Not only did Allen’s relationship with Ainge start to disintegrate, but it also began to unravel with Doc Rivers after he lost his starting job to Avery Bradley in the playoffs.  However, the biggest ticker was Allen’s toxic relationship with Rajon Rondo, which was becoming more and more irreparable.  On the offensive end, Allen didn’t appreciate running around screen after screen to free himself up, only to see Rondo pass the ball time after time to someone else.
Despite, Ainge’s and Rivers’ best attempts to talk through the situation with Allen, he still felt like he was treated wrongly by the Celtics organization.  Meanwhile, the Miami Heat gave him an offer that Allen couldn’t refuse:  two or three more championships. 
After his meeting with Pat Riley, a source said that "he (Allen) felt he was getting respect that he hadn’t gotten from [Celtics president] Danny [Ainge] and [coach] Doc [Rivers] anymore.”
It was only five years ago, when Ray Allen was welcomed to Beantown with a red carpet.  Fast forward five years later, Allen and the Celtics have burned every bridge in their relationship; a sad ending to such a great beginning.
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