Why Super Bowl XLII Won't Live Up To The Hype.....And Why It Doesn't Matter

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An exciting NFL Conference Championship weekend has passed, and the upcoming deluge of Super Bowl hype has already commenced.   Now don't get me wrong, I love the NFL unequivocally and the Super Bowl festivities are such a huge part of it, but let's face it: the game itself usually never lives up to the two-week hoopla that preceeds the game. 


One reason it doesn't live up to the hype is that the contests tend to be blowouts (Super Bowls XXVII & XXIX quickly come to mind).  However, since 2000, there have been really only two bona fide "blowouts": The Ravens' 34-7 thumping of the G-Men in SBXXXV and the 48-21 rout of the Raiders at the hands of the Buccaneers in SBXXXVII (my favorite game, by the way!).  The rest were pretty exciting, and two were decided by Adam Vinitieri's foot alone (Super Bowls XXXVI & XXXVIII). 


Another reason is the lack of "real" fans in the stands.  Think for a moment about all the NCAA Football Championship games you've watched over the years (or just simply bowl games period).  The raucous, enthusiastic crowds, marching bands playing their team's fight songs, chants led by the cheerleaders, etc.  In contrast, look and listen to the celebrity-studded,  corporate big-wig attending Super Bowl Extravaganza, with special guest appearances by Ryan Seacrest and Paula Abdul.....get the picture?


But you know what? I'll still park myself in front of my 55" LCD HD TV and watch with undivided attention.  Why? Because that's the thing to do when you are a football fanatic.  It's in your blood, and will be until Soccer takes over as America's Pastime.....



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1/22/08   |   Ryan   |   153 respect


Nice read.  the Superbowl to me is all about the food and drinks.

For me, here's the order:  (Unless it's a blue moon and the Eagles are playing)


1.  Commercials 

2.  Drinks

3.  Food

4.  Game

1/22/08   |   suedon70   |   144 respect


Nice read.  the Superbowl to me is all about the food and drinks.

Thanks! I like the party aspect of it, too, plus critiqing the commercials....