Why Tim Tebow should not start one game over Mark Sanchez this season

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Blog Photo - Why Tim Tebow should not start one game over Mark Sanchez this season

After a dream start, the past 3 weeks have been a nightmare for the Jets and their fans (conversely to the delight of countless others who have relished in every minute of the downfall.) With Sanchez puting forth three poor performances in a row, naturally talk has turned to starting Tim Tebow in his place. Here are the 2 reasons why he should not start even one game in place of Mark Sanchez. 

(1) Time to hang Sanchez out to dry and see what he's made of.  This could very well be Sanchez's final stand as the Jets' starting quarterback, and so they need to let him play it out in its entirety, ugly as it might get.

Jets fans can attest that when Sanchez drops back to pass, it's as if you can see the gears turning in his head. Simply put, he's not playing instinctually. The combination of not feeling pressured to keep Santonio happy by throwing the ball to him 15 times a game, and already having hit rock bottom is enough to get Sanchez to play looser than he has in the past. He's proven he can perform at a high level in a road playoff game, now can he play well enough to prove he can still be the Jets' QB? Only a full season will tell.

Right now the team is crumbling, quite literally, around him, with Holmes and Revis both going down with season-ending non-contact injuries. The running game is nowhere to be found and the defense can't get off the field. Keep in mind, this has all happened in a matter of two weeks (three weeks of you want to count the loss in Pittsburgh.) There is a lot of time left for Sanchez to weather the storm, maintain his poise, and make some positive strides as a quarterback. Regardless of where the team ends up in the standings, the one thing they should be able to take from this season is the absolute certainty that Sanchez either can or can not be successful in this organization. Starting Tim Tebow even one game would rob them of even that, and they would end this 2012 campaign with nothing but question marks.

(2) Starting Tebow would accomplish nothing. There are two questions one needs to answer before deciding that Tim Tebow should be thrown under center in New York: does he have a legitimate shot at making this team competitive, and is he the long-term answer at quarterback? To answer the former question, no, this team has too many holes right now to think Tim Tebow could simply come in and turn everything around, and he may pull out a miraculous win or two as he did last season, but he is not the long-term answer. Even the Broncos, who made it to the divisional round of the playoffs with Tebow, knew this. The aforementioned miraculous win (or two) would do nothing but get the Jets a lower draft pick. When a team loses its two most talented players, effectively derailing an entire season, the consolation prize, or prizes, should be found in the draft.

Starting Tim Tebow would be the equivalent of putting a band-aid on the gaping wound that is the New York Jets, serving no purpose but to delay the healing process.

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