Why do the Cubs get to play 2 more home Games then every other team this year??

9/15/08 in MLB   |   uwgb44   |   28 respect

Apparently MLB determined that Miller Park would be a great "neutral" site to play two games between the Cubs and the Astros. But how is this a neutral site. When one team has to travel 90 miles and the other has to travel accross the country. With all the Cubs fans that come to Milwaukee to watch games anyway, how is this not considered a home game for the Cubs. Of course being a brewer fan myself, I can see how this helps the Brewers in a small way, seeing that the cubs are beating up on the Astros knocking them farther out of the wildcard.

But I would think that the Astro's are a little bit mad about this decision. Here was the hottest team in baseball, comming from no where to all of a sudden in the playoff race. Then all of a sudden have a big seiris come up and be told you have to play the games in your opponents back yard. This coule be what ends the season of the astros just when they were perched to get almost even in the wild card race.

One part of me think that MLB just did this to help the Cubs out just to be totally certain a Cubs collapse would not happen. But I will just be waiting to see what interesting events happen to the cubs in the playoffs. I mean 100 years, Out of all the odd things to happen to the Cubs in that time. Dont you think that fate would save the best for that 100 year anniversery. I mean doesnt it just sound so  perfect to have something  strange happen. Here's the Cubs with the best team they have had in years and what looks like almost no competition in their way. But how great would it be for the Cubs to make the World Series only to be swept by the Rays, atleast I would find that very amusing. So stay tuned to the Cubs this October and see what new curse may  added to the long list that the Cubs already have.
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