Why is Doug Martin called the "Muscle Hamster"?

Doug Martin grudgingly explains the "Muscle Hamster" nickname

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Blog Photo - Why is Doug Martin called the "Muscle Hamster"?NFL fans and late-round fantasy luckouts have become fond of the fur-inspired nickname of Tampa Bay Buccaneers running back Doug Martin. After Martin set the Buccaneers' single-game rushing record with a 251-yard, four touchdown, 51-fantasy-point performance against the Raiders this past Sunday, everyone knows that the guy's nickname is the "Muscle Hamster". Until now, few of us have understood why.

Apparently, Martin acquired the nickname back while he played college ball at Boise State. And apparently Martin cannot stand being called "Muscle Hamster".

"It has to be the worst nickname ever,” Martin said in an NFL Network interview. “I can’t shake it. It started in college, started back in Boise (State), with our linemen. I have a lot of bigger friends, and they’d call me the Muscle Hamster because of how much I could lift in the weight room."

And because at 5'9" and just 215 pounds, Martin is generally a whole bunch smaller than offensive linemen.

Blog Photo - Why is Doug Martin called the "Muscle Hamster"?Martin's story explains the "muscle" part. It does not adequately explain the "hamster" part. USA Today dug a little deeper.

"You really want to know?" Martin told the paper. "All right, so I had a girlfriend, she was a gymnast. Small, but more cut than I was,"

"My friend Jarell Root called her a muscle hamster. So I stood up for her, like, 'Hey, man, she's not a muscle hamster!' And he said, 'You're a muscle hamster, too.' So they called us the muscle hamsters."

The two "muscle hamsters" are no longer an item. But Martin, unfortunately for him, is still hamstrung with the nickname.
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I thought he took over Curtis Martin's nickname: My Favorite Martin