Why is Rasheed Wallace Really Un-retiring?

Why is Wallace really joining the Knicks?

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Blog Photo - Why is Rasheed Wallace Really Un-retiring?After two years of "retirement," former all-star forward Rasheed Wallace suddenly felt he had a reason to return to the league that was so good to him over his 15 year career. The New York Knicks announced that they had officially signed Wallace on October 3rd, but the question remained, why the sudden change of heart for Wallace? 

Many speculated that head coach Mike Woodson, a popular coach amongst players, talked him into returning to help out the team, but Wallace seemed to have other reasons. When asked about why he wanted to return, Wallace said, "I have a couple of teenagers and they were talking about how they can dunk on me, so I was like, 'Hey, better get my ass back in the gym.'"

Obviously, Wallace was joking about returning just so that his sons won't be able to dunk on him, but in reality, Wallace sees something special in this Knicks team. "We're trying to go after that golden ball, and we definitely have an opportunity to do that from what I've seen the last few weeks," Wallace said. "It's going to be tough to beat us once we get on the same page."

Though Wallace seems excited about the Knicks' opportunity to make a championship run, he's no lock to be there to experience it with them. Wallace's contract is non-guaranteed, and when Mike Woodson was asked about Wallace, he responded, "This is not something that's definite. It's an opportunity to look at him and see if he has something left, and if he has something left I think it would be a positive for our ball club."

Woodson will give Wallace every chance to prove that he has something to contribute, as the main reason Woodson brought him in was because of his championship experience, having won an NBA title in 2004.

If Wallace does remain on the team, he's unlikely to make any sort of impact until much later in the season. Wallace is noticeably heavier than he was in his prime, and though he has been playing in a Pro-Am league and working out with players at UNC, he'll need some time to get into NBA game shape. The Knicks will go with Carmelo Anthony as the primary backup to Amar'e Stoudemire at the power forward position, with Marcus Camby and Kurt Thomas rotating in as the other big men.

Wallace's true value will come in the spring, when his defense, three point shooting, and most of all, his experience will be of great value to the Knicks' playoff run.
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10/7/12   |   PurrsAlot   |   1606 respect

Would be nice to see the Knicks be significant again.  My gut tells me that Wallace's view means his brain is still retired lol   But I liked watching him play and his energy and tenacity.  Will be fun for sure.