Why the Mets are going about their 1st Base situation all wrong and How they can change it into a good situation

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Sep 28, 2013; New York, NY, USA; New York Mets left fielder Lucas Duda (21) slides in home during the fourth inning after being driven in by second baseman Daniel Murphy (not pictured) against the Milwaukee Brewers at Citi Field. Mandatory Credit- Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY SportsThe New York Mets stated early in the offseason that they won't be trying to get a 1st Basemen in this offseason because they feel as if they have plenty of "Quality" first basemen under contract.  You can make the case that Ike Davis might be that guy considering his power potential and plus glove in the field.  But there have been many rumors throughout the organization that Ike is the odd man out in this situation and Highly Overrated and underachieving Lucas Duda is in front and appears to have the job going into spring training.  

See the main problem is that if you choose either Duda or Ike you don't have a sure thing.  Ike Davis after coming off a strong rookie campaign in which he batted at .264 with 19 HR's and 71 RBI's while playing 147 Games not too bad.  But after a freak injury in his sophomore campaign caused him to miss the season after 36 games.  Then the year after he was apparently diagnosed with valley fever and rumor had it that it caused a decline in performance with .227 batting average through the campaign but it wasn't too bad of a year together as he finished with 32 HR's and 90 RBI's.  The startling numbers were occurring in the first half of the season where he hit a horrendous .201 with 12 homers.  So it had seemed that Ike had figured things out and entered the 2013 season with high expectations but finished with an abysmal .205 AVG with 9 Homers and 33 RBI's.  Not exactly a convincing performance from Ike but lets compare that to the "DUDE".  

Lucas hasn't really shown any power potential that would convince the Mets to keep him over Ike.  His highest home run tally in his career has been 15 and he's hit that in the past two seasons.  Not exactly the 32 that Ike hit a couple years ago.  Lucas has never even hit over .240 since his sophomore season.  He is a negative player when you put him out in the field with his sub par instincts and hot dog eating champion sprint speed.  

He doesn't even convince me over Ike who is a big question mark going into the season.  But the Mets are reportedly courting Ike to the Brewers in hopes of a younger player in return.  So if that deal does happen to go through it seems as if all their faith is put into Lucas Duda and that is scary to me.  

What they should've done was go out and try to make a bid at Cuban Sensation Jose Abreu who ended up signing with the White Sox so that option is gone.  The only good option to me for the Mets if they want another player to me is former Angel Kendrys Morales.  He is a very powerful bat to have in the lineup if healthy and could potentially bring home 30+ homers and possibly 100+ Ribbies if he is really on.  

So if everything does follow through as the way they seem to be going at the moment I predict the Mets to have a disastrous problem at 1st base.  They want to trade their better option at first in Ike and keep an unproven Duda.  They let Abreu walk to the White Sox without an offer.  They most likely won't even offer anything to Morales his has a very nice risk/reward attached to him, but considering this market it's so unlikely.  This is exact situation that the Mets constantly get themselves into and it hurts them a lot long term putting in stock with players that don't deserve it.  

My Solution: I say the Mets should trade Duda and try to bring back an arm for that subpar bullpen then test the Market with Morales and see how much he'll be going for.  If its too much then they have to roll the dice with Ike for one year to see how much he could do for them.  If that doesn't work out than the Mets might have to look via trade or maybe try and convert a free agent bat to first base and go from there.  Hopefully Sandy Alderson does the sensible thing he and tries to get something positive out of this messy situation.  Only time will tell. 
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