Why the NFC West are the best amongst the eight NFL divisions this season

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Now that we’re in week six, it fair to say that there’s been plenty of action to sift through and determine which division hosts the best teams and promises to be the most exciting as the season progresses.
Surely, there may be a few upsets along the way as teams try maintain a strong footing for the divisional contest, but expect most of the thrill to remain within the NFC West.
So don’t be surprised if you see some of grittiest and closest games coming from the NFC West teams. For the moment the NFC West stands to be the best division in the NFL and the following are the reasons in support of my argument.
Most Winning division this season
By Week2, the NFC West had already posted the best combined divisional record across NFL. The combined record of the four NFC West teams comes out at 15-9, which is a .625 winning percentage.
By comparison, the NFC North, which ranks in second behind the NFC West, teams have produced a combined total of 13-9.
And while you may stick with the bye week arguments, there nothing much that can be said in front of the NFC West’s better divisional winning percentage.
Point Differential
The NFC West has been consistently leading the NFL in aggregate point differential across every week. At this stage in the season the four NFC West teams are at a combined total of over 87 points.
Rams are at the bottom of the division with -1 in point differential but that where they stood in Week 2, so it’s better than half of the NFL teams.
The NFC West have only allowed opponents a combined 395 points in 24 games. And the division poses the strongest defenses across NFL in terms of points allowed by the team.
The NFC West teams have also stood strong against competition from outside their division. The four NFC West teams have a combined 12-6 record in inter-divisional games, so that they are leading the eight NFL divisions.
The NFC East, home to the 2012 Super Bowl champions has a combined total of 10-9, while NFC North raked in a respectable 11-7.
The NFC South, despite the so far undefeated Atlanta Hawks is at a miserable 7-8 in inter-divisional competition.
The NFC West teams have amazingly come-out as winners on the other end against power houses such as the New England Patriots, Washington Redskins, New York Jets as well as the Green Bay Packers and Carolina Panthers. Outside division teams such as New England Patriots and Green Bay Packers have lost multiple games at the hands of NFC West teams.
And that too, with three of the division’s teams managing games along under 11 of the most difficult schedules in the NFL.
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