Will Celtics Unload Rondo As Well?

6/27/13 in NBA   |   AJ_88   |   166 respect

It has been rumored that ever since the departure of Head Coach Doc Rivers, the Celtics were looking to clean house, start anew and rebuild their franchise as their core is aging and their title window has closedBlog Photo - Will Celtics Unload Rondo As Well?.
One might think that trading Kendrick Perkins limited their chances immediately, however, it was age and non-athletic wings that were the beginning of the end. Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett are not willing to be part of a rebuilding process – but they can no longer be the #1 & #2 options respectively anymore.
There have been rumors that a deal to send the two stars to the Brooklyn Nets is nearing completion, and if that indeed is true, the Celtics will be getting Kris Humphries expiring contract, draft picks and filler. A true rebuilding trade.
However, that leaves Celtics fans and players alike wondering the direction the franchise are heading in. Will the departure of Rajon Rondo be next? Or will the Celtics prefer to build around him?
Can he truly be viewed as the centerpiece of a franchise or more of a complementary piece to surround stars around? Rondo’s inability to consistently hit the jumper severely limits his offensive game, and everyone knows it. The Celtics can’t build around him – which leads me to believe he might be next on the list of Celts to be relocating.
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