Will This be The Last Meeting Of The Year? Tim and Kobe Don't Think So.

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SA-LA ShowdownWhoever said their is no rivalry between the San Antonio Spurs and Los Angeles Lakers, obviously needs to have a CAT scan done. These two teams have seen enough of each other, and have been beating each other up for the last 10 years. Since '99, Spurs have topped LA a pair of series, and 4 titles. Lakers respond with several series wins, and 3 titles and 2 Finals losses. Phew, all of that LA-SA drama, yet they still want to rip at each other. These two teams display a bitterness against each other everytime they hit the court. Sure, of the court it isn't that obvious, but on the court, they're like a pair of mobs, the leader wanting the other Dead! I want them Dead! So, will that complete tonight? Or will this be a foreshadow of whats to come ahead? Despite a season of injuries and struggles, the San Antonio Spurs only find themselves looking up to the Lakers, and to their disgust, the Lakers looking down at that same familiar foe.

Tonight marks the final bout of their season series, and since it was only a 3-game set, it decides who gets the season-series win. So, who's going to clinch it? Take your stab at tonight's showdown. Spurs won the last game in San Antonio, in a super-duel, 112-111. But this time there is no Manu Ginobili. Nor will Pop put in Drew Gooden. "We've been playing pretty solid," forward Kurt Thomas said on Tuesday.  "We hit a few bumps in the road when we lost a couple of games. But I think we've bounced back and hopefully we can show that on Thursday night." The Los Angeles Lakers are 11-4 in second games of back-to-backs, and a win in San Antonio will all but guarantee the #1 seed (if not already, leading by 7 games).

Los Angeles Lakers (51-13) @ San Antonio Spurs (43-20), TNT- 8:00 EST
Line: SPURS -3.5
70% FanIQ is picking the Lakers to top San Antonio, roughly 102-100. [as of 3:00 AM EST]

Watching? Chat it up here. Game's on TNT. They know drama, so enjoy the show.
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 The Lakers and the San Antonio Spurs  will still be clashing against each other for the next season and this would be the day the game would be   tight watch by NBA fans alike.