Will Wisconsin Really Be Big Ten Champion?

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After this weekend's college football games, I've been hearing a lot of complaining about the National Championship. "We should just give LSU the Championship, rather then letting Alabama have a shot." There are a lot of people who hold something similar to that sentiment. Or, even if Alabama wins, how will people be able to call them National Champions?

My question, then, is: how is that any different from Michigan State having to play Wisconsin again in the Big 10 Championship game? Through the system (BCS or just conference standings) both Wisconsin and Alabama have proved themselves to be the second best team in the Big 10 and country, respectively. Therefore shouldn't the same argument hold true?

To take it a step further, Clemson has already beaten Virgina Tech in the regular season, and yet has to face them again in the ACC Championship game this weekend.

So does this mean that conferences should be so big that there is no possible way the winners of each division could potentially play each other in the regular season?

Honestly, people complained about the BCS system when there was only a rotating championship or when the President of the United States would pick the champion among the remaining undefeated teams. At least now we have a championship game. The argument for a playoff doesn't insure that two teams that have already faced each other won't in the post season. Maybe through a playoff system more people will feel that a team like Alabama will have proved their worth. However, Alabama's only loss is to top ranked LSU, in over time. Oklahoma State lost to an unranked Iowa State in two overtimes in their second to last game of the season.

This is all not to say that the BCS is a perfect system. However, as the system is set up, Alabama proved themselves to be the second highest ranked team in the country. The argument that LSU already beat them should either be extended to the similarly situated conference championships, or it should be recognized that on any given day anything can happen in college football.

Maybe you just want to see a new match up (which I would prefer as well), but that doesn't mean Alabama doesn't deserve to be there.
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11/28/11   |   mwallace312

During the season, one team is playing at home.  A post-season matchup is usually on neutral territory, which takes the home-field advantage out of the equation.  When a team has a very close loss on the road, as Wisconsin and Alabama did, you wonder what would have happened had the same game been played at home.

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While the BCS is not part of the regular season, it is based off of your regular season record/schedule. It's why Alabama is number two and not number one.

Also, for the Big 10 at least, a championship game was not even part of the regular season until this year.

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 The difference? This is part of the regular season. The BCS is not. Its a huge difference.