Will the Knicks match Houston Rockets’ “ridiculous contract” offer for Jeremy Lin?

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Blog Photo - Will the Knicks match Houston Rockets’ “ridiculous contract” offer for Jeremy Lin?
According to Carmelo Anthony the ball is in the New York Knicks’ court now. In an interview on Sunday, Carmelo Anthony claimed it was up to the New York Knicks if they actually wanted to compete with the Houston Rockets and their “ridiculous contract” offer for Jeremy Lin.
The New York Knicks have already agreed to a sign-and-trade deal with the Portland Trail Blazers for their former point guard Raymond Felton. Moreover, the New York Knicks have also signed in Jason Kidd. Therefore, there is a cloudy uncertainty hanging over Jeremy Lin’s fate in New York.
The New York Knicks have reiterated their desire to keep Jeremy Lin at New York by matching any offers that are brought to the table. However, the fact of the matter is that it has become increasingly hard to do so especially after the Houston Rockets came up with a  three-year, $25 million contract offer, which offers around $15 million in the third year.
New York Knicks have until Tuesday to match this offer for their restricted free agent. Their inability to do so will see Jeremy Lin under a new jersey next season. Carmelo Anthony didn’t predict whether Jeremy Lin will be able to join the Houston Rockets again, but he admitted it would be great to have him back.
“At this point there's a lot going on,” Carmelo Anthony said in the news conference before practice with the US Olympic team. “I stay away from that part right now. I would love to see him back, but I think he has to do what's best for him right now.”
Carmelo Anthony added with a laugh that it was up to the associated teams if they wanted to match the “ridiculous contract” offers.
“It's not up to me,” Carmelo Anthony said. “It's up to the organization to say they want to match that ridiculous contract that's out there.”
Carmelo Anthony was also excited about the arrivals of Jason Kidd and Raymond Felton. Carmelo Anthony reckons Jason Kidd will be a useful addition to the team. Head coach Mike Woodson has already guaranteed Jason Kidd with action in the first team.
Carmelo Anthony was also aware of the impressive form Raymond Felton recorded alongside Amar’e Stoudemire. The duo did exceptional well with the pick-and-roll offense. Carmelo Anthony expects to form similar chemistry with Raymond Felton at the New York Knicks.
“I never played with Felton so I really don't know what to expect from that situation. I can't wait if that's the case,” Carmelo Anthony said. “I know what he did with the New York Knicks before I even got there with Amar’e. I know Amar’e’s excited about that, playing with him before I got there, so they can reunite and hopefully we make something happen.”
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