Will the real Nick Foles please stand up?

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Is Foles the Long term solution for the Eagles?Since the National Football league began in 1920, there are very few assumptions that, at first glance by a regular fan can actually be proven.  One of those assumptions: You will not find a quarterback in the HISTORY of the league with two such opposite games in back-to-back starts like Nick Foles vs Dallas in week 7 and this past week in Oakland.
Go ahead. I dare you. Find another quarterback who played so badly in one game, then so well the next.
Foles vs Dallas
11/29 for 0 touchdowns and 80 yards with a 46.2 quarterback rating.
Vs Oakland
22/28, 7 touchdowns, 406 yards and a perfect 158.3 rating.
Now, with the Eagles still very alive in the NFC East Division race, and MVP quarterback Aaron Rodgers out on Sunday, a game that looked like a big loss until Monday night is now very winnable. And with the Cowboys having no cakewalk with New Orleans, the pressure is on again for Nick Foles and the Eagles.
So now comes the question that everybody is thinking… which Nick Foles is going to show up? The potential franchise quarterback who can take a rookie coach and his high power octane offense to the playoffs? Or, another week filled with comparisons to Kevin Kolb, or Matt Flynn.
Going up against the 18th ranked pass defense whom is banged up, expect Foles to be somewhere in the middle. Maybe back to some of his games last year as the starter (but don’t look too closely into those numbers, different coach and a different offense) And going into Oakland and throwing 7 touchdowns is one thing, but into historic Lambeau with a team fighting for a win to stay in the division race is another. 

With a 1 point spread, expect things to be close until the very end of the game. Seneca Wallace wont mimic Aaron Rodgers, and Foles wont repeat his performance from last week. But when it comes down to it, in the fourth quarter, Foles will have to make a big play in a big game that will determine the outcome. Until that play happens, we wont know which Foles will show up, but one thing to know for sure. Once that play does happen, Chip and the Eagles will have a better understanding of what they have in Nick.
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