Winnipeg Jets lose their fourth consecutive game in overtime

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The NHL season for the Winnipeg Jets is not turning out to be so good. The team has been losing one game after the other, and find themselves on a losing streak of 4 games. Although they have managed to put up performance in those game, at the end of it all it comes down to who gets 2 points out of the game, and in that case they have lost every time.
In their last game against the Colorado Avalanche, they were short-handed a total of 6 times and their defense slipped once throughout the entire game, but it was the only slack that the Avalanche needed to win the match.
Matt Duchene managed to break Dustin Byfuglien, and Toby Enstrom had no control over the puck.
Byfuglien said that it was good timing and position that mattered.
“He got position at the net, and the puck came right back to him,” Byfuglien said. “A guy like that’s never going to miss those.”
Even though the Jets might be on a 4 game losing streak, they happen to be 0-2-2 in that time. This puts them within 4 points of the Dallas Stars. The Stars did not finish their game on Tuesday as scheduled versus the Columbus Blue Jackets, as Rich Peverley collapsed on his bench, which caused the game to be canceled.
On Wednesday the Jets will face the Vancouver Canucks at the MTS Center. Head coach Paul Maurice said that they had a tough but good game and the way the players handled the
penalties was awesome. He added that the power play continued to be a problem.
“It was a good battle. Our penalty killing was outstanding. The power play, what little we saw of it, was a hundred percent and the rest of it was a pretty hard-fought game,” he said. “We gotta find a way to draw as many (penalties) as we take, but I’ve said it before. We take too many penalties.”
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