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Winter Classic

5/16/09 in Figure Skating   |   sk8rgirl9   |   respect

Trying to catch my breath as i gulp down some water  in a 40 degree arean but sadly its not feeling like that anymore. Wow i thought i am in florida now practicing and in an hour i will be at the airport in my skating cloths (weird huh) and headed to Dallas, Texas. Three of my friends will meet me there and together we will travel for a compition with one and only one goal. Thats to show all the teams in Dallas that we may be a small rink but we kick butt. Almost 6 hours later we sit in the air port with all our baggagewaiting for our big mac daddy Texas car to come. We load all our luggage in and head to Dr. Pepper ice areana for prctice. Wow our mouths drop in disbelif at the butiful rink standing a butiful as ever right infront of us. Later that night we meat all our friends for dinner we talk and laugh more than you can imagine. Everyone from our rink hangs out around the hotel all night. early the next mornig all of us are at the rink to cheer each othe on (no one missed an event of a skater from our rink). That weekend was amazing i racked in 8 first places and our team ended up with 4th place over all with only 30 skaters and only 130 points behind 2nd. That was an amazing experience for me and so much fun to have that experiance with some of my best friends in the whole world. 
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