With playoff contention in mind, Saint Louis Blues look to bolster roster with Ryan Miller

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FanIQ | Sports Rumors, Gossip, Blogs, News & Discussion ForumsThe NHL has put their deadline for trades to end on the coming Wednesday and it is natural for teams to wait till the last minute so that they have all the options to choose from and make the best out of the situations they are in. This also means that they sometimes miss out on some of the chances that the other teams are faster to cash in or invest in. But each has franchise has its options and reasons to choose from them.
The Saint Louis Blues are the team that has made a choice to go before the deadline. They have been going solid for the past 3 seasons and have a very stable team and are strong playoff contenders. Twice in the playoffs they have been knocked out by the Los Angeles Kings and have lately been having issues with their goaltender. To consolidate that position, they have chosen to sign in Ryan Miller from the Buffalo Sabres against whom they have given 5 prospects. With him as the goaltender, the Blues will have a more reliable player who will be stopping goals for them.
The Blues are also looking forward to having Miller serving as their goaltender.  As Blues captain David Backes, who was in the US team with him, commended his game:
“Ryan Miller is an all-world goalie who has shown it time and time again,” Backes said. “I’ve seen it in a couple of Olympics, where he’s as good as anyone in the business.”
There are many veterans in the trade right now and teams are looking at which one will be the most beneficial to them. The veterans are of senior age and pack a lot of talent combined with experience but most of them are in their later years and teams are looking to rid of them in return for younger talent. Other franchises are looking to hire them after reviewing them. Everyone is looking for the veteran who has the skill set to complete the team and give them just the edge for the season to put the other teams behind.
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