Witness: Josh Brent almost left Jerry Brown in burning car

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If it wasn’t bad enough that Josh Brent has hands covered in his teammates’ blood, details surfacing ahead of court trail of the incident paint an even sadder picture to the end of a football player’s life and the demise of Brent’s career all coming down to one unfortunate decision –driving while intoxicated.
In a series of incidents that unfolded in a butterfly effect of the that choice, Josh Brent crashed the car he was driving last Saturday, which resulted in the death of Dallas Cowboys practice squad linebacker Jerry Brown (riding as a passenger). However, a witness to incident Stacee McWilliams, who arrived to help at the scene after crossing the blazing car on her way to home, claimed that Josh Brent had to be pleaded an begged with pull out a partially conscious Jerry Brown from the wreckage.
"When I first pulled up to the scene, there was a little bit of a flame coming from the flipped vehicle, like in the engine area. Just a very small flame and I wasn't too overly concerned for that,” said Stacee McWilliams, who was also one of the first two witnesses to the car crash. “I jumped out of my vehicle and ran up to make sure that everyone was OK.”
Stacee McWilliams discovered Josh Brent (who’s status she didn’t know at the time), “kind of pacing back and forth” at a distance from the car, which had flipped after hitting a curb.
"I asked him if he was OK, I said 'Is everyone OK?', 'Are you all right?'” recalled Stacee McWilliams, “and he responded to me, he said that he was fine.”
As another witness to the scene called the 911, the fire burnt brighter and quickly ran out of control, which prompted cries of help from still someone still trapped inside the burning car.
“it was a man's voice saying 'Help me', you know, 'Help, somebody help me',” continued Stacee McWilliams. “And I turned and looked at the [Brent], and I said 'Is there a passenger? Is there somebody in the car?'. And he said 'Yeah'. And I told him 'Well, get him out of the car.’”
However, Josh Brent didn’t move from his spot and simply responded, “He won't get out of the car.”
As the witnesses continued trying to talk some sense into Josh Brent, the Dallas Cowboys nose tackle didn’t seem in a rush to rescue Jerry Brown from the burning car.
“I commanded him several times and Josh looked at me, and he again said 'He won't get out of the car',” said the witness. “And I told him 'You can't stand here and watch him die. You've got to get him out'."
After a lot off coaxing and pleading, Josh Brent finally agreed to pull Jerry Brown out of the burning wreckage and immediately disappeared from the scene.
"I want people to understand that Josh Brent is not a hero," McWilliams said. "I keep hearing reports of how he was there to pull his friend from the fire…(but) Josh Brent is not a hero… he had to be coerced and pushed and begged and pleaded to get his friend out of the fire,” said Stacee McWilliams. “And when he pulled him out, he just left him in the street. He didn't tell him 'Hang in there, help is on the way'. Nothing.”
Undoubtedly a very chilling recount of the incident but what needs to be reminded is that it was late weekend-night and many people had been drinking. Even 30-year-old Stacee McWilliams was returning from a party. The police will take some time to piece together the evidence, although Josh Brent has already been charged with intoxication manslaughter.
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