Wizards’ John Wall “50-50 chance” on returning this season

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Although he hasn’t played a single game, John Wall isn’t giving up on the season yet.
The Washington Wizards point guard John Wall said that there "a 50-50 chance" his injured left knee will respond well during practice, after the swelling goes down hopefully by the end of this week.
“I'm still waiting for my pain and swelling to go down to see what I can do on the court, but just trying to stay strong," said John Wall on Monday.
It’s been a disappointing season for the Washington Wizards (3-18), who’ve slipped to the bottom of the league. Frustrations are running high throughout the organization and John Wall’s knee injury provides just a glimpse into the battered and bruised Washington Wizards’ bench.
"If anybody knows an exorcist that can come into this building – I don't believe in that stuff, but I'm not going to stop it,” said Washington Wizards coach Randy Wittman, who is still uncertain of John Wall’s expected return.
John Wall visited a doctor on Friday and was administered a lubricating injection in the knee – which he later classified as “good news” for accelerating the rate of recovery.
"I've got more of a smile on my face, a little bit," John Wall optimistically stated of the knee procedure.
The overall No. 1 pick in the 2010 NBA draft John Wall hasn’t yet participated in a full practice or played a single game all season. The inflammation in his knees has prevented John Wall all season from testing it by running and cutting on the floor.
John Wall is still unsure of how his knees may respond in progress or how quickly he will make progress.
"That's a 50-50 chance you've got. You never know how it's going to go” said John Wall. “Hopefully, it heals the right way."
Moreover, John Wall is all too well aware that whenever he returns the struggling Washington Wizards’ issues will not magically solve themselves, and may require additional work from multiple individuals.
"I don't think I'll have to be heroic, because I'm still going to have to be playing a certain time limit if I come – whenever I come – back,” said John Wall, “because I'm not going to be fully in the best of shape or play 40 minutes a game like I was used to doing.”
But if there’s one thing John Wall is certain of it’s that he won’t miss out the entire season – at least if it’s up to him and the knee recovery has progressed well.
"I'm not thinking like that,” stated John Wall.
The Washington Wizards, who are on a three-game slide, host the Atlanta Falcons (14-7) Atlanta Hawks on Tuesday.
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