Woe is Me

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Woe is me. Woe is me. You kind of wonder if this is what is going through Jr’s mind. As his winless streak just keeps getting bigger and bigger. He is now at 71 races without a win and counting. His last win coming at Richmond way back in 2006.

It seems like a long time ago. Thats probably because it is. Especially for a driver who has been tabbed his whole career to be one of the greats. Comparing him to Matt Kenseth. Since they both came up the same year. He is still looking for his first cup championship. But most of all. Another race win.

Who can ever forget the year 2000. When he and Matt fought tooth and nail for the Rookie of the Year honors? With Matt coming out on top. Then just 3 years later. Matt finally getting his first cup championship.

Not down playing any of Jr’s accomplishments. But wasn’t this move to HMS supposed to be an instant success? After winning the Bud shootout and one of the Duels. It looked like he was well on his way. For also being tabbed as the next restrictor plate king. He could only gather a 9th place finish at Daytona a track that is supposed to be one of his strengths. He even came to Dega as the heavily favored driver to win. The house that Earnhardt built. And once again couldnt get it done finishing 10th.

No excuses.  Tony and Kyle  stepped up to the challenge at Daytona and finished 3-4. And who can forget Ryan and Kurt who really answered the call finishing 1-2. Even Robby Gordon who has had his troubles finished ahead of Jr. in 8th. And we can't leave flipper out of the equation. He already has 3 wins this season and just signed a new contract with Roush-Fenway for $6,000,000 a year. Then we bring the 88 Amp/National Guard car to Cali. Where the Jr of old was back in familiar fashion. Being at the wrong place at the wrong time. How many times have we seen that in his career.

Now here comes the big question? Is Jr really the driver who most of his fans think that he is? I mean had he been in the top 10 at Cali instead of lagging in the top 20. He would have never gotten caught up in that wreck. Did Rick just hire him because of his selling power? After all he already has 2 proven champions in Jimmie and Jeff.

And I am sure that Jimmie isn’t done winning championships. You have to look at all of this from a race fans point of view. Not from he’s my favorite driver point of view.

After all. There are Boris Said fans out there that know damn good and well. That he will never win a race. Im not putting Jr in that category. But you have to look at where he is. Sure he will get his wins. There is no doubt about that. But do you think that maybe one of the reasons that he didn’t sign on with RCR. Was because he knew that he needed that extra lift that HMS has? That maybe if you take him out of the HMS seat. And put him next to Harvick, Burton and Bowyer. That his winless streak will continue to grow even faster?

In other words take him away from the HMS team. And what kind of driver would he really be? We seen what happened at DEI. I mean even Truex was able to get a win and make the chase. What happened to Jr? Now don’t throw that he had engine problems in the equation. What happened when his engines didn’t blow up? Thats what I am talking about.

Ther are alot of members who are somewhat afraid to touch this taboo subject. For the fact that all of the haters come out from under there rocks. But take some time out and look at the whole picture. Try not to be biased on your thoughts about what I wrote. Put Jr in a Roush or a Dodge. Or for that matter. A Toyota. After all. Tony Stewart who has been a Chevy driver made the switch. Is Jr any better then him? Does he have what it takes to bring one of these cars into victory lane?  Im Out
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5/12/08   |   Luke4HMS


I dont think people will rise so much over this, because Jr is 3rd in standings.  Jr is doing far better than I would have expected in this his first year there, IF Tony Jr. would make the car Faster instead of slower through-out the race Jr would win some!!
Seems he is Very fast out of the gate every week, then fades at CRUNCH TIME!
All and all, I am very happy with Jr's Transition to HMS, now if we could trade Mears for Kahne, I would have my TEAM!