Wolves Want Ricky Rubio to Score More

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Blog Photo - Wolves Want Ricky Rubio to Score More
The Minnesota Timberwolves believe that Ricky Rubio needs to be more of a scoring threat in order to take his game to the next level.  The mini-Magic Johnson has been the closest thing to a reincarnation of Pistol Pete, since he entered the league.  But Rubio is nowhere near the scoring threat that Pete Maravich was during his playing days.  Despite averaging over 7apg, Rubio only averaged 10ppg, and had a woeful 36% field goal percentage.  Additionally, Rubio shot an unimpressive 29% from 3-point land last year.
Flip Saunders, however, believes that Rubio can become an efficient scorer.
“That's his next step in the evolution of the point guard position," Saunders said. “Being a bigger scoring threat, being able to knock down shots, which will make the game much easier for him. In order for him to get to the next level, that's what he's going to have to improve on. And he will improve on it. He will really work at it.”
One of the reasons why Rubio’s shot may be so inconsistent is his form.  Rubio will take jump shots from within 15 feet, but takes set shots from outside the paint.  The lack of consistency in his form is one of the reasons why Rubio still prefers to pass than shoot.  However, if Rubio wants to be a better overall player, he’ll have to be somewhat of a threat from the outside.  Jason Kidd was never a good outside shooter, but he developed a 3-point shot and eventually became top 3 all-time in the 3-point makes.  This also led to him becoming a better assist maker, since players could no longer play off of him.
If Rubio is going to increase his assist average to 10apg, he’s going to have to become a more efficient scorer from the outside.
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