Women Of Alabama And Texas Tech: Who's Really #1?

There's Only One Way To Settle This, And It's Definitely Not The BCS

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After Texas Tech's big win over Texas, many college football pollsters and commentators are wondering which team should be #1, Alabama or Texas Tech. While we won't know the true answer on the football field until the season is over, there's always other ways of determining who's #1.

Sports fans, we bring you the ladies of Texas Tech and Alabama, in various categories:

One At A Time:

Texas Tech on the left, and Alabama on the right
Bring A Friend Or Two:

Texas Tech on the left again, and Alabama on the right

Group Shots:

Texas Tech



Texas Tech


Group Cheerleaders:

Texas Tech


Swimsuit Edition:

Alabama on the left this time, Texas Tech on the right

Group Swimsuit/Giftwrapped:

Texas Tech



After careful deliberation, Texas Tech takes over the #1 spot, barely edging the lovely ladies of Alabama. In honor of their top ranking, here are a few more of the Texas Tech girls. Enjoy.

This is apparently a popular pose, as you can see it on the beach as well:

Texas Tech Hotties [AggieFans]
The Crimsonettes [RollTideBama Photo Gallery]
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Gentleman, if you wish to see the legendary ORIGINAL TEXAS TECH HOTTIES thread, you need to go over here and view it in all of its 95 PAGES (yes that's correct, 95 Pages and growing!) of beautiful Texas Tech Co-ed glory!



11/4/08   |   dumpire5153

Is rhere any doubt if these two teams remain undefeated ,what game will have the highest ratings.  It would not even matter if the actual game turned into a real stinker...all the camera people would have to do to maintain audience share is to increase the number of crowd shots.

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SoxandCards39 wrote:
Question about something I just noticed...why does it say "Aggies fans" up there? 

That's the website where some of the pictures came from. Even Texas A&M can appreciate the quality at Tech.

11/3/08   |   SoxandCards39

Question about something I just noticed...why does it say "Aggies fans" up there? 

11/3/08   |   SoxandCards39

I love this site, but this is the best thread I have ever seen on here.  Fantastic work!

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Texas Tech was kicking ass.....then near the bottom of the pictures I noticed 'Bama had me looking  a little longer, but in the end I indeed finished the poll off on Texas Tech.

11/3/08   |   Bravesfan23

   I am not sure who I would pick as the #1 team...at the moment, I honestly don't care.  I think it would be better to just look at HOTT women the whole time and see who parties the hardest.  That sounds like a winner and a good idea to me!

11/3/08   |   hayssco

both of the bama swimsuit photos are obviously photoshopped, but being from Alabama I can tell you there are many attractive girls down here

11/3/08   |   TheRealScore

dallas_fan wrote:
Some amazing shots, hard to decide which team to go with, but I will have to choose Tech.  I think a poll is in order, you know, for scientific purposes.

I'm all for more scientific research. I wonder if it's in the FanIQ budget to fly all of us in, invite the cheerleaders over and have a beauty contest, just like Miss USA or something. Give 'em a trophy of best Fan IQ cheerleaders or something like that. Yeah, that's the ticket.

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Let's settle this on the field, er..ah...mud bowl. Texas Tech should be favored by 2 hot dancers!

11/3/08   |   fscrig75

Man I think I'm a TT fan now.

11/3/08   |   majikmanseven

I was thinking "don't mess with Texas tech" ... until i saw the "gift wrapped" pic ... and made me start singing "sweet home Alabama"

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Just look at each team's current body of work, and it is clear Alabama should currently be #1.

#9 Clemson 34-10 netural site (Clemson's only TD was from a Punt Return)
at #3 Georiga 41-30 (31-0 at half)
3-0 in SEC Road Games in complete domanation (49-14 Arkansas, 29-6 Tennessee)
Have only trailed  in games less than 2 mintues the entire season (1st qtr 3-0 Ole Miss)

Texas Tech
at #23 Kansas 63-21
#1 Texas 39-33
Have played two Div 1-AA Teams (Eastern Washington and UMass)

Three main points.  First, everyone still has the Texas Tech Win fresh in their mind, and it was a great game with a trilling finish.  I believe people are allowing the emotion of the win overtake the substance of the win.  Also, I think people forget that in the 2nd half it was a close game; whereas Texas was in control of Oklahoma in the 2nd half and pulled away. Furthermore, no team in  NCAA History has jumped from #7 to #1 in the Polls within one week. Should Texas Tech move in the polls?  Absolutely, but not straight to #1, and not even to #2 when Penn State was idle.  
Second, I believe people need to remember how each team is built.  Alabama is built with a great defense defense.  Not only can they stop the run, they are able to get pressure on the QB and along with a solid secondary which has led to a solid pass defense.  Their offense is built to interweave with the defense by controlling the clock with one of the best rushing attacks that can feature up to 4 solid running backs (the 4th RB on the depth chart led the team in rushing last year), and feature a game managing QB but has the ability to make plays when the time is nessecary.  On the other hand, Texas Tech is built to put up points with the spread offenense, and there are not many teams that can do it better.  Not only can they throw the ball, they now have a solid rushing attack, thus making their offense multidemisonal.  However, they have not proven to have a great defense this year. Their defense has allowed 29.7 points per game in Big 12 games this year  What happens when they get in a shoot out?  We almost saw it last week.  Again, I think people forget the defense allowed the go ahead TD with a minute and half last because it was overshadowed by Texas Tech's last drive to a game winning TD.  But what happens if Texas has the ball last?  My point is that Alabama might not be a flashy team, but has the great equalizer, a great defense.  Games are won by offense, but championships are won by defense.

Finally, it really does not matter who is #1 or even #2 right now.  It only matters after the last week of the regular season.

And to add my two cents about which  college has the  best looking girls.  I can only speak for Alabama because I went to Grad School their, but they had the best looking girls from one area that I have ever seen (I grew up outside of Philadelphia, 6 years in Myrtle Beach, 1 year in Tuscaloosa, 1 year in Columbia SC, and have traveled all over the country).


11/3/08   |   dallas_fan

Some amazing shots, hard to decide which team to go with, but I will have to choose Tech.  I think a poll is in order, you know, for scientific purposes.

11/3/08   |   keebs8   |   1701 respect

Football after how Tech looked Sat night vs Texas, Tech is the better team but still has a tough road ahead of them to remain at 1 or 2, will be exciting to watch how it all plays out.. Picture wise, beggers can't be choosers and unless your blind or batting for the other team, I dont need to say anything else..

11/3/08   |   100%InjuryRate   |   1283 respect

NittanyJon wrote:
Roll Tide!!!!!!!!!

Even a Penn State fan agrees

11/3/08   |   MarS

To be honest... I was not very sure unless I saw these pics.... They are REALLY talented

11/3/08   |   100%InjuryRate   |   1283 respect

 Texas Tech is the better Football Team, and has been the best kept secret in the NCAA this year, until now. Aside from their near stumble against a horrible Nebraska Team anyone that watched them whip Texas can see just how talented they are.

They are clearly talented, in more ways than one.

11/3/08   |   MarS

....can any one tell me why the hell did my pants change colour rite now....

11/3/08   |   NittanyJon   |   247 respect

Roll Tide!!!!!!!!!